Accessibility Tips for Android Phones

Accessibility Tips for Android Phones

 Google is distributing the ultimate version of Android via Nexus, Samsung, HTC, Blackberry devices and other manufacturers are doing the same with their recent mobile gadgets. This makes it important to learn accessibility tips in Android devices. The Accessibility option in Android makes the user to enhance different features. That saves time and enables the user to get more out of it. Here are some easy accessibility Android tips, bringing together the new features big and small that were incorporated into the operating system.


  • When you configure a device with Lollipop for the first time, there is an option known as “Tap & go“. This option will help you download or transfer data from other devices such as Google account, settings, data and apps via NFC and Bluetooth. The user can also transfer widgets and wallpaper.
  • The best feature in the Accessibility area is the Text to Speech, powered by Google. Using this feature you just need to speak and can search the desired function without typing.
  •  Another feature is the Talk Back, it saves all your text data accept the passwords.
  • Manage notifications on the lock screen :-

    When it comes to Lollipop, all your notifications from apps will show up on the lock screen. In addition, the user can easily interact with them too. This includes, slide to discard, tap to respond and so on. A double-tap takes you to the settings of the application. To hide notifications, go to Configuration » Sound and notification and make proper arrangements.

  • Unlock the screen smartly: Like a trusted gadget, that helps you connect via Bluetooth, or NFC, Lollipop automatically deactivate or unlock the security code of your Android. This simply means that you don´t need to unlock your Lollipop while you are driving your car or using Smart watch. Go to Configuration Security » Smart Lock » Trust table devices to activate this.
  • Prioritize your apps:

    The ultimate Android 5.0 Lollipop allows the user to configure the App list to manage major apps that can display notifications in “Do not disturb” mode. Go to Configuration » Sound and Notification » Apps Notification to activate or deactivate this option.

       These are just a couple of easy ways to manage your all new Android Lollipop version.