Active Promotion VS Passive Promotion Online

Active Promotion VS Passive Promotion Online’If you are looking for visitors to visit your website, that means the traffic is not much attracted and you need some promotions for it. This can be done in two ways, which we will discuss as- Active promotion VS Passive promotion. Most of us have already analysed that passive promotion gives us greater returns on money as well as in terms of time. A little time devotion from your side can make it all.

If you open a restaurant and place an advert for the same in the local newspaper or magazine, we term it as active promotion. This way, everyone who reads the newspaper will go through the ad you wrote and your business gets to be promoted. This is another successful way of promotion but for this, you need to continue promoting regularly in a similar way. You will require the need to renew the advert at regular basis and your restaurant will get more promoted. You can also read –How To Promote With Radio


Active Promotion VS Passive Promotion Online .

Now a smart way for this is, put a sign of your restaurant on the city roads so that public can see it regularly. Now this is what we can categorize under Passive promotions. You just tend to pay once for the sign and grasp the permission for the same, your business will continue to promote for many months or years requiring least or no further outputs for such type of promotions.  Producing hits to your webpage can be done through two ways- Active promotion Vs. Passive promotion. Active promotion consist of activities like Pay Per Click (PPC Campaigns), adverts found on classified websites, banner advertising,and much more.

The disadvantage of this technique is that your money as well as time will last only for a limited period. They will only work if you keep your visitors engaged and they keep coming back to your page.

On the other side, passive promotions state that once you achieve an inbound link for your webpage, it will stay and create traffic for you. You can free yourself from other things then.

There are various methods, which help in passive promotions online. Some of them are:

  • Sponsor other sites (pay for Inbound links)
  • Reciprocal Linking
  • Writing Blogs
  • Submitting articles on different article websites
  • Signature forums

These are among some useful ways through which you can generate residual and passive traffic. More trafficstates that you will get more customers! However, these techniques take some time to show you the results. You might not be able to build a recognized blog instantly. Your reputation will take some time to grow when you start visiting the forums on a regular basis. This will slowly build your reciprocal links as well. You can utilize these links to build your reputation gradually with time. This will further help you in increasing the exposure of your websites after sometime. One must be aware of Top Online Marketing Trends


For Active Promotion VS Passive Promotion Online Active ways of promotion, which includes Banner advertising and PPC Campaigns can provide your website will rapid boost in the starting while you are busy in increasing the exposure of your website. Always remember, there are no shortcuts in life.

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