Answering questions can help you get promoted online

Answering questions can help you get promoted online

Marketing your product or service on the Internet requires that you drive traffic to your website or blog. Although there are many ways to do this. One way that also increases your credibility is to answer questions related to your specific topic online.By answering questions, you can get promoted online on websites such as and all you will not only receive notice for your ability to solve problems.You will also get back links to your site as well as clicks fromĀ interested readers.

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You make this a habit, you will become known in your circles as the expert in your field. If you use your name or website regularly. When answering questions, people will be able to find your responses easily when they do a search for your name or company.That’s because many of these answer sites are not only very popular but show up frequently on search engines based on the topic of the questions being asked.

If you are able to provide quality advice on subjects, relating to your topic quite often you can link your responses to more information on your blog or website. These answer sites usually have extremely high page ranks and are very popular which gives you credibility as well as back link juice. Before you jump into answering questions on the Internet there is a strategy that you should follow to maximize your time and effort.

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First, become acquainted with your target audience and the keywords they use. When searching for solutions to their problems. If you are in a particular niche such as weight loss or anxiety, conduct research to find as many relevant keywords relating to your topic before venturing out looking for questions. Once you’ve chosen a set of keywords relating to your product or niche. It’s time to do a search for popular answer sites that will welcome your contribution.

The most obvious website to start searching is You can also try all,, just and ask ville. You will first need to register in order to participate. If you wish to develop your online reputation I would recommend using your real name, company name or website whenever possible. This practice would leave an Internet trail for anyone. Who does a search for your name or your company name.

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Once you’ve set up your profile on a particular site begin conducting keyword-based searches to find questions relating to your topic or niche. You should always include a keyword or two in your responses. If you have the option to include a link or HTML. Use your keyword as the link to your target site. Promote all answer pages in which your responses are published. Ping them and create back links to them in order to push them up in ranking for your keywords.

It has become common practice by Internet marketers to set up a second account on sites like all, Yahoo Answers or in an effort to post bogus questions. This practice may or may not be counter to website policy. It is advisable to read the policy of your selected site before doing risky things that may bite you in the end.

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There are number of reasons why I find the idea of planting bogus questions to be fruitless and a waste of time. If you cannot find a genuine question on a particular site go to another site and continue with your search or switch using another affiliated keyword. If you are not finding any questions within your particular niche. Chances are no one will be searching for those particular keywords anyway.

Whatever you do, avoid spamming answer sites with your links or sales pitches. You will quickly find yourself banned by most answer websites for this kind of practice. Chances are you will turn off more people in the process and nullify the time you spend in your campaign. It is easy to answer questions at popular sites in order to get the benefits of their high ranking.

Therefore, it is justified that answering questions can help you get promoted online.

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