Basic Twitter tips for the beginner

Basic Twitter tips for the beginner

Twitter is one of the most popular online social media website.Hence it has millions of users and is also used by the most popular celebrities of the world. On this media you can easily interact with your friends family and famous celebrities.  If you are a beginner to twitter then here are certain basic tips that will help your to increase your followers on Twitter

Customizing the Twitter profile:

  • The account picture should be your own image which will give a professional look.
  • Keywords should be included to minimize the search to your followers.
  • The background image with a recommended size of 1600*1200 is preferable.

Twitter online third-party tools:

There are various third-party online tools that help to enhance your Twitter experience. Few services are named below:

  • Twitwho -User search profile.
  • Twello -Users organized by categories of business from iEntry.
  • Tweetbeep -Google alerts for Twitter.
  • Twitbin-It is an extension to Firefox which enables tweeting from the browser.
  • Twitterbar-it is Firefox plug-in used to post links to twitter.
  • Quotably-it is conversation tracker in twitter.
  • Happytwitday-it remains you the birthdays of twitter friends.
  • Doesfollow-it helps to check whether one user follows the other on Twitter.
  • Whoshouldifollow-it helps to find new friends on twitter.
  • Twitteriffic –it is a desktop application for mac.

How to increase twitter followers?

To have more followers on Twitter is the dream of every person. Therefore here are some steps that will help you to increase your followers on twitter.

  • Follow people on twitter, they will follow you back.
  • Don’t follow many people at the initial stage as the Twitter program will judge you as a robot and will block the account.
  • Post interesting tweets so people join your conversation and also follow you.
  • Retweet the tweets of people that are popular on this platform.
  • Tweet regularly this is the key source to have many followers.
  • Add hashtags and special symbols to your tweets.

Understand Twitter language:

Since twitter allows limited characters in tweets, so people use symbols in order to explain many things in limited characters. Here are some of them.

  • @reply-this is used to reply to another user
  • Direct message (DM),
  • Hash tag-it is used in front of a tweet.
  • Retweet(RT)-it is used to tweet the message again which was tweeted by another user or by self

Twitter Mobile application:

You can also access this popular social media on your android, iOS and windows devices by accessing the respective stores. If you don’t have device of the above mentioned operating systems then you can also tweet as SMS from your cell phone.