Best iPhone Shortcut Buttons

Best iPhone Shortcut Buttons

Currently i Phone is one of the most popular and most used smart phones in the world. The popularity of this phone is increasing day by day because of its having some peculiar features. Generally, it looks like a very simple phone from its outward side but it is packed with enormous features. Here are some iPhone shortcuts buttons that aren’t widely publicized to the users but very useful and will help the iPhone users to save their time by mastering these shortcuts:

        Here are some Point :-

  • You may be surprised thinking that how iPhone software reviewers can take pictures through screenshot? But the truth is that this can save your current screen automatically in your camera roll. For taking iPhone screenshots, just tap the Home button and Sleep buttons at the same time. Here, you will just hear the sound of a camera’s shutter while it is taking screenshots.
  • By using First Home Screen or iPhone Search Options shortcut, you can get Search option if you are at first home screen. Similarly, you can get first home screen if you are at Search option or another home screen. To use these facilities just press Home for once.
  • It doesn’t usually happen that your iPhone freeze up, but it may be possible. If you face this type of problem, then you need to reboot your device. To reboot or restart your iPhone, press Home, and Sleep button until the screen is black, and it shows Apple logo.
  • Many people don’t like that caps lock exists in their iPhone. But, sometimes it may be needed to type away letters in capitals. To use caps lock facility, just double-tap the shift key.
  • If you want to see the text and picture at large size while reading e-books or seeing pictures, just double tap on the text or picture. You will certainly get the best experience in reading books or seeing images without fiddling your two fingers.
  • iPhone’s voice dialing shortcut gives its users great facilities especially while they are driving. By setting up their friend and family member’s name in Contact application, they can easily make a call through voice dialing.

Ambient light sensor:-

There is an ambient light sensor above the iPhone LCD screen which you may not have realized. These ambient light sensors adjust the brightness and contrast of your iPhone screen you unlock your device considering the brightness around you. Here, you can dim your device screen by covering the light sensor of your device.
These are the useful iPhone shortcuts by which the users can operate iPhone easily and efficiently.