Tips to Block Ads in Browsers

Tips to Block Ads in Browsers

Internet is a very useful invention and it has revolutionized the world.  Now it has become a necessity in the lives of all the people around the globe. In every field Internets importance cannot be ignored. Interacting and connecting with people is now very simple and easy through internet. You can see the whole world by just clicks on the internet. Business and banking is becoming more and more easy and simple with the use of internet.

While using internet user sometimes face very irritating problem that is popping up of unnecessary ads on the websites. While a user is going through a website a meaningless and useless ad appears on the screen and diverts the attention of the users, which is very annoying.  But this problem can be solved; there are some useful tips to block the ads on your browser. You can learn these tips to get rid of the irritating ads on your browser. These tips are for Google Chrome browser and can also be used on other web browsers.

Follow these simple tips and enjoy uninterrupted browsing.
  • In order to block unwanted ads first open the Google web store and search the Ad Block or Ad Block Plus, the one you want to use.
  • Press the free installation.
  • When the Ad Block is successfully installed a message will appear on the screen that
    Ad Block has been added to your web browser.
  • An icon will appear on the screen of Ad Block, click on it. The Setting page will appear before you. Go to the General Application and make sure you select the “Add items to the right click menu” option.
  • Go to the Filter Lists and open it. Here you can subscribe to the filter lists, which automatically blocks the ads without asking you. After that click on Update now, the Filter List will be updated in periodic time intervals.  Now go to the Custom Filter List category. Here in this option add the URL’s of the most used websites.

Installation of Ad Block is completed; you can go to any website and right click on the screen. Then you will see the Ad Block option and you can place it on any ad you see and boom! You can shoot it out without any effort.

Hence  you can enjoy your web surfing and there will be no intervention of ads on the browser.