Tips to Block Adult Content in Windows

Tips to Block Adult Content in Windows

There are thousands of websites right now that contains Adult content online.  This online content is easily accessible through internet by any age and any gender. The Adult websites are full of trash and scrap which is not only dangerous to kids but also to adults. This only content has disturbed the married lives and also results in the deterioration of society. Now the question is how to block Adult content? Can we block Adult content?

The answer is yes; with easy simple steps you can easily block Adult web content on windows 7 and Vista. There are many ways to block the content using software, third part, ads-on or by internet browsers. Using the Microsoft’s windows parental control is a wonderful feature through this trick you can block the Adult content and also other unwanted websites.

Here are the steps to make use of Windows Parental Control to Block Adult Content in Windows:

  • Click start button.
  • Open Control Panel.
  • In the control Panel click the View by tab and set it to Category.
  • The “User Accounts and Family Safety” section click on the “Set up parental controls for any user
  • In this section select the account you want to protect, (You can’t set the Family filter to the Administrator account) click on the “On Enforce Current Settings”
  • Click on the “Web filtering
  • After that click on “Block some websites or content” option.
  • In the next step you need to setup the filtering option according to your requirements but you are suggest to set the web filtering level to “High”. As this option will block all the unwanted content which is harmful to your family. This level is best and will display only the children content. If you want to set the level to “Medium”, then this option will display the content in web pages with less adult content. By setting the filtering level to off any one can access the adult content.
  • When you are done with selecting the filtering level then simply close the control panel window.

Hence with these simple steps you can easily block the Adult content on your system. This technique works on Windows 7 and Windows Vista.