How to Change Boot Screen of Windows

How to Change Boot Screen of Windows

Most of the people want to do different things with Windows Operating System in order to make it unique. Here you will be taught a new trick to change the Boot screen of Windows. This trick will be according to your requirement; you can add any of your favorite customized images at the Boot screen. But be careful and follow the steps perfectly else it may result in the failure of your windows or system. Do it at your own risk!

If you are changing boot screen manually in your windows computer then there are many chances that your entire system will crash or your system will become unstable. You will learn here an easy way to simply change the boot screen of your windows PC.  Resource Hacker is a simple tool for changing the image of boot screen. It easily changes or replaces the boot screen of your system. Most importantly it is not a time consuming job along with no specialization required to run this software.

Here are few basic tips and tricks about using this program and to change the boot screen on the windows computer.

  • To effectively run this program first of all you will have to make backup of window boot screen file. In order to do so you must go to MY COMPUTER>C :> WINDOWS > SYSTEM 32
  • Then copy ntoskrnl.exe file and paste it on desktop. (in order to restore it back)
  • Download Resource Hacker and install it to the system.
  • Open the Resource Hacker after installing it.
  • Now go to the File menu and click Open option and then click ntoskrnl.exe file.
  • When this file is opened click on Action button and choose replace Bitmap option.
  • From this menu you can select your desired screen and click the OK option. If you want to select the screens from the web you can search there and then choose the desired one.
  • After completing this hit the File button and choose the save as option. You can also use your own Image for the boot screen.
  • Save this file by the name of ntoskrnl.exe.
  • Now you must shut down your system and then start it in the Safe mode.
  • After restarting the system in safe mode copy the ntoskrnl.exe file and paste it in the C drive in Windows System 32.
  • Restart your computer once more and there will be a newly created boot screen on your computer.

This is the very simple and easy way to change the boot screen on your windows computer. In case of any queries ask us. And comment on the page and if you like it do share it with others.