Characteristics of a Great Software Tester

How to become Great Tester from good software Tester?

When we thought to be a Great Tester It is First step which help you to grow in the Testing Field . There is myth that tester has limited growth in the IT industry. That is why many fresher are afraid to get job in Testing but that is not true.In IT every field has exceptional growth but it requires 100% hard work and dedication. Without it in the IT industry you will find yourself in shrunk growth position. Everyone must know that the testers are the backbone of all IT companies because they are the persons who can give the quality outcome.They are one of the most responsible people and all the success and failure of the project mostly depend on them so never ever underestimate the tester and testing profession. Be a proud to be a Software tester.

You are the person who reduces the work in many fields, who often release projects and product without defect, and you are the person whom people and company believe more. As Tester you should continuously endeavor to become better and better. Following are some points which help you to become great tester:-

1) Be Skeptical or keep doubting: –

If you want to become excellent tester then be a skeptical .Because it helps you to improve your performances while testing the project or product. When you get the product or project for testing  that time there are many people present around you who developed that project/product and they always say there are no bugs present  in this project/product. Because they thought that  they have  build excellent product . But As Software Tester you should know your responsibility . You should also know Testing is the backbone of IT industry and no one released the Project or product in market without Testing It.

So you should know how much responsibility you have because if product or project got crashed or failed in future that time all the blame come on to your shoulder that is why I would suggest you don’t believe that the build given by developer is bug free or quality outcomes. Question everything accepts the build only if test and find it defect free. Don’t believe in any one whatever the designation they hold, just apply your knowledge and try to find errors you need to follow this till the STLC end.


2) Never compromise on Quality:-

In IT industry Tester are hired for quality. Whatever the circumstances come in front of you, you should not compromise on quality. Don’t compromise after certain testing stages. There is no limit for testing until you produce a quality product. Quality word always belong to a Software tester .We know that Testing has many repetitions task and some time tester boar to do so again and again. To achieve quality product tester need to perform effective testing. Compromising to any level leads to defective product. So don’t do that at any situation because product quality and companies reputation are depends on Software tester.

3) Be good Observer: –

Observation is one of the most powerful skills we have. Software Tester should have good observation skills and Quick learning skills help us to think differently. Whenever we observed something try to analysis it and also observed it carefully it might be help you in your testing skills. it also help us to enhance our thinking skill. Tester needs excellent observation skill when he /she test the application he/she should know how a thing goes on which eventually comes from good observation habit. I believe observation is a very essential skill of any tester. Try to observe the things happening in your surroundings. Try to learn how to look for details, how to analyze things from different possible dimensions. See if you could apply testing to your day to day life activities or objects.

4) Never promise 100% defect free product:

Do not promise for 100% defect free product because it is easy to say on paper but we should know the reality. We know that 100% defect free product is impossible and it is also difficult to produces 100% test coverage but always try to reach that point or position. So never promise to customer or client about 100% defect free product. As you heard testing is never ending process always give our 100% to produces defect free product.

5) Ensure end User satisfaction:-

It is very important, what customer needs? And Build the product According to that because customer is like a god for us. We should know the client requirement properly for that read all the product related document till we get the full idea about what customer actually needs. Sometime customer needs something and we build something else this is happened because of ambiguity in required document. It is our duty to make customer happy and it is happen when we provide them defect less product and client satisfaction is always important for company’s growth.

6) Think from User Perspective:-

What customer feel is always important for company. What they need? How they use the product? How they feel when they used the product? In short Customer review is most important for company point of view. When we build the project always keep in mind what kind of customer will used this product and build according to that. At particular interval of time keep updating the product version by improving the features present in the product. Which not only keep your product alive in the market but also help you to make your own good position in the IT industry?

7) Be open to suggestion: –

yes. It is good to suggest people. Sometime client have some unclear requirement so it is our duty to suggest them what actually they need. How will they enhance the product by making some changed in the product? Listen to everyone even though you are a higher authority. There is always scope for improvements and getting suggestion from fellow or colleague’s software tester is a good idea. Everyone’s feedback is important to improve the quality of the project or product. Which eventually help to produce defect free product.

8) Start early testing:-

When we get the project SRS, FRS and BRS start writing test cases from that point. Early testing helps us to build good product in less time. Early testing provide tester enough time to work on application. Some time tester doesn’t get enough time to test product due to tight schedule  so he/she has to perform ad-hoc testing, Exploratory Testing. Finding a defect at early stages of the testing life cycle is always beneficial.

It helps to overcome the revenue loss. Defect at early stages is easy to find out but if we get the defect late in the cycle make project delay and money loss which is not good from company point of view. Early testing guarantee less defect. It not only improve the quality of the product but also help to deliver the  product or project on time .

9) Think negative side as well:-

Software Testing is not all about the Positive testing. Many time application work properly when performing positive testing. It is necessary to think negative perspective of the application which eventually helps us to point out the subtle defect. Some time it is very difficult to point out the defect while performing the positive Testing. Many time tester get stuck and cannot produce defect after long period that time he/she has to think differently some time also think “out of box”. This term you heard many time from your senior or colleagues. Thinking out of box is nothing but think differently that time your experiences and observation comes to play big role. To think out of box you have to work on analytical skills.

10) Stop blame game:- 

It is easy to blame other for the defect which got after the release. That time developer and tester should keep clam and think over it how to resolve this problem rather than blaming each other. Don’t waste your time for such useless thing. Try to find out the root cause of the defect which eventually break the blaming process. It happen many time defects got after release the product. Because some time project or product is so complex we cannot provide 100% test coverage .It is obvious to make mistake we are not machines at the end we are human being.