Simple Computer Tricks to Save Your Time in Windows Operating System

Simple Computer Tricks to Save Your Time in Windows Operating System

Most of the people waste their precious time in front of Laptop or PC by hassling unnecessary clicks. Since Microsoft’s developed Operating System Windows is widely used around the globe. So here we will let you know about the tips and tricks about Windows Operating system in order to save your precious time. These are some simple tricks one must know.

Use Keyboard for launching taskbar programs:

Instead of visiting a program or folder again and again make use of taskbar. Insert all the compulsory programs or folders into the taskbar and make use of this taskbar stuff in a quick way using keyboard. Many of the new users of Windows Operating system don’t know the appropriate use of taskbar. By using the simple combination of Keyboard button an individual can easily access the taskbar programs.

The trick is simple to open these programs. The programs in the taskbar right to the start button are assigned with number from 1 to onward. If you want to open the 4th program to the right of Start button.Then you need to press (Windows button + 4) then it will open the 4th program instead of using the mouse.

How to launch a new Program quickly?

Another trick is to circulate in between the open programs.  The trick is simple use shift button and right left arrows to shift right or left in the programs.

(Shift + →) (Shift +←)

Save file path to the Clipboard

Most of the people don’t know the proper use of the clipboard. But here we will let you know this tip that is most effective and saves time in quick manner. Copying the path of a file to a clipboard means telling the clipboard to know the browsing path of a certain program. With this feature you can easily upload pictures to Facebook or attachments to the OUTLOOK quickly from your computer.

How to copy file path to clipboard?  Hold shift key and right click on the desired program or folder, select “Copy as Path” from the list. Now you are ready to paste the link anywhere.