Tips for Data Security of Computers

Tips for Data Security of Computers

Securing data by an individual is extremely important. Every person has its personal files, documents and videos in the storage device. If you want to secure the data. Then follow the recommended tips and tricks in steps.

Disable the Registry of your Windows Operating System .the user must be able to edit the files on personal laptop or computer. By disabling the registry no one will be able to edit, open or delete your files without your permission.

To disable the registry follow the following steps :-

  • Start
  • Run
  • Type msc in the run box.
  • Click on the Remote Registry and change the settings of registry from enable to manual or disable.

If you are using your Windows system and you feel to secure your running data in quick time then Press Windows key + L. This command will lock your computer instantly and the data will be saved from the strangers quickly. Another way to secure data quickly is to turn on the screen saver option and set it to 5 seconds time.

Data theft mostly occurs through the internet by Phishing Attacks. To secure your data from online attacks install the updated browsers. As the latest version browsers Fire Fox, Chrome and Internet explorer block these attacks by double checking the URL’s.

Another threat to data is of Virus attack, as the virus developers loves to share their files on the systems all around. The preferred way to share the virus is considered to be downloading P2P files. To stay away from these virus attacks install the latest and updated versions of Antivirus, the antivirus will automatically block these attacks.

If you are wishing to replace your hard drive and donating or selling the old hard drive then you need to wipe all of your data. Even the formatted data can easily be recovered through recovery software. So it’s must to use the software to erase the data and the image files from your hard disk.

Always create backup of files, most common problem with the people is they don’t create backup of their files and when they lose the important data then it is not possible to recover all the data. To avoid loss of data always create backup of your files.