How to Delete Data Permanently from iPhone

How to Delete Data Permanently from iPhone

When you are replacing your old iPhone or want to sell it or give it to someone else always make sure to permanently delete your all personal data and files. If you want to upgrade the smart phone or to erase all your data then there are some important tips that will save your time and easily delete your data permanently from any model of iPhone.

The best tip to erase your data all at once permanently is by using the “iPhone data eraser tool”. This tool is extremely valuable and useful in erasing all your files, messages and pictures from your iPhone. The iPhone data eraser is perhaps the best one to solve this issue not only it will erase all your data but it will also erase all hidden items from your iPhone. More over it will delete all the contacts, pictures and all other items.

Here is the list of items that iPhone data eraser tool is capable of deleting the data permanently.
  • SMS and MMS
  • Call history and Contacts
  • Apple ID and iTunes
  • Address Book including emails.
  • Audio and Videos
  • Hidden files

This software is very reliable and efficient and it makes sure that data is never recoverable. It is very authentic and is used by many professionals. It will return the phone to its original state and you can then sell or give it to others. You can download the software free on your iPhone and Mac book.

The erasing process is simple and easy and there is no complexity using this software. The erasing steps are as follow by using the software:

  • Install the software in Computer and Laptop
  • Run the software
  • Connect the iPhone with the laptop or Pc.
  • Select the erase option.
  • Select the files you want to delete permanently.
  • Press the “Done” key

All the data will be permanently deleted from iPhone and it is not possible to recover the data again. The software is able to delete data from all models of iPhones.