Why Documentation is important in software Testing?

Why Documentation is important in software Testing?

Document is most important part of Software industry. In IT industry no work is done without documentation. Every successful company has their own standard formats for documentation. But other hands some companies not give much preferences or importance to the documentation. They think it is unnecessary process which consume more time which is very bad habit or thinking.

Documents needs to communicate with customer or client. Particularly in the software testing field documentation is most essential part each and every work is perform with the help of documentation. In software testing the general opinion about testing documentation is that anyone who has free time can do the documentation like  Test case, Test Plan, status report, bug report, project report  etc but that is not truth. It is good practice to make documentation for that entire thing which is required for future work. It is better to write rather than memorize things.

Make Habit of writing: –

“The faintest ink is better than the best memory”. Yes its sound something weird but it is truth which we have to accept in the testing Field. Make more habit to note down thing. Which we performed daily in the office and when it comes to testing you should know the importance of writing. Whatever task you performed make notes whatever it may be like Test scenario, Test cases and Test suits etc.

While Performing a Testing note down the steps which produces the error, bug and failure because some bugs are very difficult to reproduces when we forget the steps. Because there are many such subtle bugs are present in the application which are difficult to get back while testing.So it is better to note down all abnormal activity which affect the application. Sometime what happen Developer make some unnecessary changes in the application which annoy the client and then client report it to the higher authority about the unnecessary requirement. So to keep your side safe always make list of the entire requirement which you made in the application.

Importance of documentation :-

We all read various articles on testing technologies and methods but how many of us have seen articles on documentation?. No doubt there are few is that documents are not important?.No but it is because we have not yet realized importance of documentation. Many projects were rejected because of no documentation or poor documentation. When any company release the product they should keep the entire product related document like user manual in which they write a procedure or step which guide how to use the product.

For example Microsoft is one of the most successful company in the world and their product are also used in many companies why they so successful?. Do you know why?. Because they provide each and every product related document when they release the product in the market.

For example how to install?. How to use application? Etc. Product documentation not only guide user or customer but also helps to easy of work without any trouble. I remember one of my friends told me about the incident which taught him how much document is important in IT industry. One of the colleagues in his office made unnecessary changes in the product and after released the product client found some issues in the product and then angry client immediately called the manager and told him about the issues. This all happened due to lack of documentation for  that product and from that incident manager told every one to maintain all the product, project and application related document to safe their side.
There are many important testing related document is prepared which help developer and tester to understand the project requirement. The important document like SRS, FRS and BRS etc.

System requirement specification :-

System requirement specification help to guide developer and tester how system works what are the system requirements Etc. it always includes use cases to describe the interaction of the system. It is developed by system analyst .SRS explain all the functional and non functional requirements it is complete document which describes the behavior of the system which would be developed. After studied the system requirement senior developer and tester start working on that product.SRS is one of the most important part of the Testing process.

Functional requirement specification :-

Functional requirement specification helps developer to understand what functions are required. It always developed by developers and engineers. Functional requirement specification describes the particular functionalists of every single module in detail from start to end. It explains the sequence of operation to be followed on every single process.FRS is a document which tells all the functionalists of the system would be easy and efficient for end user.

Business Requirement specification :-

Business Requirement specification is called as high level document includes the entire requirement demanded by the client. This document simply includes all the requirements should be part of proposed system. It contains the purpose of the project. Uses of the product, the scope of the work, the scope of the product, Project and application. Features and function, performances requirement etc.

Testing leads prepare format for  all documents which are related to Testing like Test plan, Test case, Status Report, Bug report and project report and circulate the entire document to the team member according to that all test engineer  prepare document for their separate modules.

Therefore documentation always help when we develop the next version of the application .it guides us what kind of mistake we done in the previous version and make changes in next version according to that. I think all above document related information are good enough to understand the importance’s of the documentation in testing as well as in IT industry.