The Do’s and Don’ts to follow while promoting your business online

The Do’s and Don’ts to follow while promoting your business online

As a musician or songwriter, you have to learn what works and what does not if you want to make money. In order to effectively make money as a musical entrepreneur you have to carry almost everything yourself. This article will tell you The Do’s and Don’ts to follow while promoting your business online


Many say, “But my music is hot, it’s only a matter of time before I make it! The music will sell itself!” That has to be the most untrue statement ever. MUSIC DOES NOT SELL MUSIC, PEOPLE DO. Promotions and marketing are very large subjects that can be carried out independently using a variety of social outlets. Learn the basics here- How To Promote Your Product Online?

      Top 5 Online Marketing and Promotional DO’S AND DON’TS for Artists and Songwriters :-

  • DON’T PLAN ON GETTING A DEAL FROM ANYTHING YOU DO ONLINE. Don’t do any promotions with the primary goal of getting a major label deal. Always be sure to make building a larger fan base. Even if you do not get a deal, your fan base will be sure to keep you paid as long as you keep them happy. A true fan will always support you. Another reason to keep your fans first is because if you have a huge fan base you’ll actually be more inclined to find a label deal.
  • DO NOTPUT ALL YOUR EGGS IN ONE BASKET. DIVERSIFY! I always come across musical entrepreneurs that have a Myspace and/or a Twitter. Well, if you’re only using these,YouTube or Facebook to market yourself than you’re riding a bike while others are flying G4 jet promotional campaigns. The online world is all about

    Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

  • That’s partly how Google and Yahoo determine rank on their search pages. Be sure to create blogs and update them regularly, write and distribute online press releases, create profiles on multiple sites like Reverbnation, write articles on Ezine and other places with links to your sites. ALWAYS have a professional web site.
  • DON’T STOP PROMOTING AND MARKETING! Update regularly to keep your audience interested. Remember what Aristotle said, “Time crumbles things; everything grows old under the power of Time and is forgotten through the lapse of Time.” To save time click on Content Marketing Ideas


  • DON’T FOCUS ON THE OPINIONS OF FANS THAT AREN’T IN YOUR “TRIBE”. According to Seth Godin your tribe is your core group of fans. Bob Baker says, “I suggest you not be distracted by the people on the fringe of YOUR tribe. Don’t insult them but don’t cower to them either.”
  • DON’T INVEST MONEY IN ANYTHING WITHOUT PLANNING YOUR DIRECTION FIRST! There are so many scams out there preying on musicians for money! Note exactly what you want and need so that you don’t go spending money on unnecessary services. Weigh your costs and losses. Know how to make money instead of investing Generate profits through online promotions

So now, you are aware of the Do’s and Don’ts to follow while promoting your business online.

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