How to Check Your E-mail is Read on Gmail or Yahoo

How to Check Your E-mail is Read on Gmail or Yahoo

The users of Facebook, Whatsapp and Skype have the facility of the last seen notification. When your message is seen by the person whom you send it. Then it will indicate the last seen message. In this way you can know about the message that it is seen and read. But some important websites like Yahoo and Gmail do not have this feature. It is very confusing if you do not know about the message or e-mail status. Weather email is read or not on Gmail or Yahoo by the recipient. Sometimes it creates misunderstanding and confusion as well. If the other person is busy and may not reply to your message then you will be in state of confusion. There is a method to get notified whenever the recipient sees or read the e-mail.

The process is simple and in the following steps you will learn how to check if sent e-mail is read or not on yahoo and Gmail.
  • The first method to get this facility is to use a simple chrome extension Right inbox.
  •  Then the user will track the e-mail. Install this extension.
  • After installing the extension on the web browser open your Gmail account and go to the inbox.
  • A menu will come on screen which will say allow Right box to access Gmail and the user must click on continue.
  • Write your e-mail and add the recipient and click on the track under and send the e-mail.
  • When the person read the e-mail you will be notified with all the details of IP addresses and about the location.
  • This extension is also helpful in scheduling your e-mails in the future. You can also get tracking mails if you are using some other computer and accessing to your mail.

Another method to track and get notified about the mails. Which are seen on Gmail and yahoo is to make an account for free on Banana Tag and get registered there.

  • Add the banana tag extension on the web browser.
  • Then you will be able to track the mails.
  • You can only track 5 e-mails for free while using banana tag.
  •  if you want to track more e-mails you will have to pay some money and will have to upgrade your account.

With these simple steps you can now track all your read e-mails on yahoo and Gmail.