Evergreen Way Of Promotion-PAPER PROMOTION


PROMOTION means spreading the discourse or wave of something whether it is product, idea or person. Film promotion, promotion of political parties and their agendas are a kind of promotion. So promotion means raising the awareness of customer. About different products and ideas to increase the demand and to differentiate the product from others products.

Promotion can be done through internet, media, and newspaper. Promotion can be ‘Non price competition’, which means any two products or companies do not compete on the basis of price of a product. Usually companies competes by advertising their product rather than lowering the price of their product. Whether the business is small or large scale promotion is a lifeline of any business.

There are so many ways of promotion like giving discounts, different offers but how would a customer know about these promotional activities. In this, media plays very vital role and one among them is Paper media i.e . Promotion in newspaper, magazines, pamphlets and holdings.

PAPER PROMOTION among all the promotional ways is one of the best methods of promotion. Promotion through paper is always considered better. Because this is not expensive as online promotions and effects of these promotion is last longer on customer’s mind. Because these promotions are printed and can be kept for long time and gives a imprint in customer’s mind.Paper media is considered very reliable source of information comparing to digital media. Because manipulations cannot be done in printed media . This media is accountable and there is record of each and every activity of print media.

 Why paper promotion?

There is never a second chance to create a good first impression. If promotion does not gain attention. Whether it is online or offline, it is considered failed. The average person exposed to 1000 advertisements per day but how many of these we actually remember?. A survey was conducted and according to the report. The things we read we remember that for long time and thus paper promotion lasts forever in the mind.

Although we live in a technological world but then also huge part of population sticks to printed media like newspaper, magazines. Because craze of printed media will never end so that’s why printed media (paper promotion) is a better way. Because of its wide range , less price and last long effect.

Unlike electronic promotion, paper promotions does not requires electricity , internet signals. Paper promotion can reach to those place where electronic media cannot access. There are so many places in the world. Which is less civilized but paper promotion can target that area also. A customer cannot always stick to electronic media all the time. So paper promotion is very useful for those customers. While travelling on highways what we see after a blink of eyes is paper advertisements in form of holdings.

Although there is lot of criticism for paper media for using papers. But that is better than those electronic waves and signals which kills birds.

Paper promotion is an evergreen way of promotion.