The word “PROMOTION” refers to activity done by a manufacturer. For raising customer’s awareness of the products or brand for generating sales, popularizing, etc. The objective of Promotion is to present information to customers for increasing demand and creating brand loyalty and for many more purposes. There are various promotional techniques like internet marketing, through social media, in physical environment, direct marketing and personal selling, etc. Because PROMOTION is one of the four basic elements of marketing mix. Which includes 4“P’s”: PRICE, PRODUCT, PROMOTION, PLACE. It plays a vital role for any business.Generally, “FACE BOOK is the most demanded online social networking website.

It allows registered users to create profiles, videos, send messages, upload photos and keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues. In today’s time, Face book is being used for many more purposes of business. The modern generation makes advance use of Face book for making advertisements of different products and for promoting their brands.


We all know that the global world is connected through internet with each other. Everyone is aware of social sites like face book. So in this way, a company can use face book for targeting a large number of audience in a very little time. Face book promotion is one of the great uses of facebook as it is cheaper than other forms of promotion. “FACE BOOK PROMOTION” is a technique being followed by people all over the world to creating a brand image. As everyone uses face book and goes through the news feeds every day. Therefore, if a company posts about their products, it a great possibility that most of the face book users is going to read the post. Through this technique a company can aware the customers about their products and increase their demand.

Face book promotion is one of the referred techniques of promotion. There are various points which we need to kept in our mind while posting on face book. The post should not contain large content. So that people should ignore the post. The post should be attractive so that more and more people get attracted towards the post. There is another important point of face book promotion which should be under consideration. For making one’s post popular largely, a person can make it popular by paying some nominal fee to face book.


It has released details about a new feature that allows businesses to easily promote their posts and get updates in front of more eyes  for fee. FACE BOOK PROMOTION is all about spreading awareness among people about the brands or products. In today’s time, people do not prefer to go to markets. Our new generation is quite lazy and they do not prefer to make efforts. They desire to get everything by sitting home. Online shopping plays importance role in today’s time according to new generation. In addition, online shopping can reach success with face book promotion in quite less time.

Hence, it is advised to spend time and money on face book promotions.