Facebook Tips and Tricks for Android

Facebook Tips and Tricks for Android

A large part of people community around the globe uses Facebook daily. It may be at working place, outside the house or when with the friend. So most of the time of the day people use Facebook on the mobile or tab because of easy carry. The uses of mobile app is sometimes may not be easy for all types of people. Some of the apps that can be used on desktop may not be used on android.

So there are some Facebook Android app tips and tricks to help using the android. Browsing Facebook on the Android app is not much more different from browsing it on desktop after all.

Tips and Tricks

  • Quiet any message’s notifications: Open Facebook App > Messages. Tap on the companion that need to quite future notices from.
  • Turn off messages location:  Open the Facebook App and press gadget menu catch and select Settings. Tap on Messenger area administrations and unlock it to turn it off.
  • Pick the notifications refresh interval:  Open Facebook App > Press the gadget menu catch and select Settings. Press on Refresh interim and select the interim that people wish to use.
  • Incapacitate notifications entirely:  Open Facebook application > Press menu on the Android gadget and select Settings.
  • Get codes from code generator: Open Facebook application > Navigation icon. Tap on Code Generator.
  • Call using free call: Open Facebook App > Tap on the Messenger symbol at the upper right to open messenger.
  • Begin a group message:  Open Facebook App > Tap on Message icon. Then tap on Group at the base. Tap on your companion’s name to welcome them to the gathering.
  • Pin Friends the message frequently: Tap on Facebook App > Messages. Tap on EDIT and tap on the addition to sign.
  • Pick the video auto play option:
  • Duplicate any Facebook comment
  • Compose the favorites
  • Review & edit photo before uploading
  • Audit tagged posts
  • Power Log out From Any Of your Active Facebook Sessions

Hence these strategies will help the user to use Facebook for. If people find more interesting and hidden features the will be more happy in their daily life. So by knowing the Facebook tips for android device, people get chance to keep good relation with friends, relatives and all the important personalities of their life.