How to Fix Problems in Smart Phones

How to Fix Problems in Smart Phones

All over the world people are mostly using android smart phones. These contain some amazing features and are technologically very advanced. Android OS is probably the best. But it also comes with some bugs, which are very irritating. These bugs can cause some serious problems to your smart phones. Here some major flaws will be discussed and you can also learn how to fix bugs problems in Smart Phones by some simple tips.

 Wi-Fi issues

For most users of android Lollipop Wi-Fi issues are very common now. Sometimes internet disconnects automatically, sometimes there is a problem with browsing. Some of the older devices have most problems. There are certain tips to avoid or stop these bugs to interfere to your devices.

In terms of suggested fixes, getting your phone or tablet to forget the network (long-press on the Wi-Fi network list) then reconnecting seems to work for a select few. The old faithful factory reset has done the trick for some. But this is a bit of a pain to work through. You might also want to uninstall some of the older apps on your device, at least temporarily. A number of users have reported Wi-Fi issues disappearing once particular third-party apps were updated with Lollipop compatibility. If you’re running an older app that hasn’t been updated in a while, it could be causing interference. If you change the Wi-Fi channel it might also help in resolving the issues.

Battery issues

The battery issue is very common and it is even worse than the Wi-Fi issue. Few simple tips to run battery for longer are:

One way is to factory reset the settings on your device and also you should update all the old apps on the operating system. The apps which are not familiar with the Lollipop, delete them. You can view in the settings of battery page that which app is consuming more of the battery power.

Lagging and crashing

Sometimes smart phones crash randomly; there can be number of reasons for it. The factory rest is the simplest method to avoid this problem also, and by simply shutting down the mobile can do the trick sometimes.

If one app seems to be at the root of the issue then the next step is to uninstall it or go for an update. You will have to go to the developer’s support site to see if any bugs have been reported by users or the development team. As with any operating system update, it may be that certain apps are having problems adjusting to a new Lollipop-powered way of life, and bringing the whole scheme down with them.