How to Boost BlackBerry Memory

How to Boost BlackBerry Memory

BlackBerry has an internal memory to perform tasks and run applications like any other computer. Some can be outfitted with external cards and some devices have more memory than others. In a blackberry memory the more services added to run apps the more need memory space. If some additional photos or documents are added, the blackberry memory becomes slow. Therefore If people increase the number of applications and processes running on the device, the system may be crashes.

So to boost the blackberry memory need to follow the steps:-
  • Delete unnecessary applications:

The more applications remain on BlackBerry, the less free memory available. Sometimes people downloaded a number of third-party apps, but used them occasionally. It is necessary to delete that program.

  • Delete old:

Should not Store old or already-read text, e-mail and PIN messages on BlackBerry. It can take a huge memory space out of the device’s available memory.

  • Enable content compression:

BlackBerry content compression is meant to decrease the size of the data on the device. When enabled, all the device data is compressed, with messages, contacts lists, calendar and tasks.

  • Remove the excess media:

If people want to store many images, music files or video on the device, the best work is to get an external storage card, like a MicroSD card. It’s also a good idea to do away with any images or video those don’t want to keep.

  • Optimize calendar appointment settings:

Because like Messages application, BlackBerry calendar stores data on meetings, past appointments and other important events. So need to free up some device memory by reducing the period of time.

  • Erase the event log:

Black Berries keep a record of the recent run events, called an Event Log. Event Log can come in handy if there create a problem with the device or a specific application or service.

  • Clear the browser cache:

Hence as people surf the Internet, mobile browser caches various information from the sites that visited. That information is stored somewhere, and it covers valuable device memory. So it’s a good idea to clear that cache.

Hence if the blackberry memory performance is starting to sag, nothing to stress. These steps will take to restore the device to boost blackberry mobile memory. Use these tips to remain alert against performance lag by updating drawback apps and managing system resources that will help to speed up blackberry mobile memory.