How to improve communication skill and Soft Skill

How to improve communication skill and Soft Skill

Today I am sharing my personal experience about Soft Skill and Communication skill. I am belonging to lower middle class family where we hardly get in touch with English Language and my father was unable to afford for English Medium School fees, so I used to study in Marathi school till 10th class where I was get hardly exposure of English language that Time. I had only one English subject was taught in School. After completed school I Taken an Admission in science stream and then after completed my Graduation that time I knew the value of English language.

I felt that English is very essential to stay in market because when we go for higher study or for job that time speaking in English is must. As you know I was studied in Marathi school my fundamental concepts  of English was so- so but I had no idea how to speak or communicate  in English and due to lack of English communication and soft skills I was rejected many times.

When I seen Higher English medium student and their English communication that time I felt shameful on myself. Though I had good knowledge in my field I was unable to express it in front of interviewer and due to this I was rejected in many HR round. I am telling you without good communication you cannot survive in IT industry. So start speaking in English and I am giving you some idea how to improve communication and soft skill. Have you facing problems in interviews? Fare to deliver any speech, hesitate to speak in public? Do you have problems explaining your views to other? People disagree with you even though you are right? If answer to those question are yes then it’s time to improve your communication skill. You should be perfect in all ways of communication like verbal, presentation skill and written communication.

Poor communication generally leads to disagreement and misunderstandings. Even our daily life if our communication is not good it creates many problems. Communication skills must for every private sector. You might have seen this line every job requirements “Excellent communication is required “As a part of ‘soft skills for tester ‘article I am sharing how to improve communication skill.

Keep in mind these simple rules for effective communication:-

-Listen carefully when others are clarifying their thoughts.

Do not interrupt others in- between.Listening to other carefully will increase our knowledge. Watch and Listen English channels like BBC news TLC, English movie and seasons as much as possible that will definitely help to improve communication and vocabulary.

Do not speak too fast. Slow down while speaking.

When you appear for job interview that time do not speak fast. That will create a bad impression in eye of interviewer. So calm down and speak slowly as much as possible. you might be a fluent speaker when it comes to your mother tongue, but expecting the same standards from yourself when speaking in English language may not be very realistic.

Give yourself time to think:-

While speaking in English you should give yourself time to think. When you think or take time to speak it helps you to avoid mistakes.

Learn Sentences, Not only words:-

In a way this will take the pressure off too. When you learn a new word, try to memorize a couple of sentences that contain it. There might come a time when you can use one particular sentence with little or no alteration at all. Unfortunately many people learn words by heart, but have no idea how to use them in sentence. So try to learn as much as sentences.

Speak clearly, your pronunciation should be loud and clear.

Speaking clearly and confidently will impress the person with whom you communicate. Pronunciation should also be loud and clear that every one should hear clearly without any misunderstanding.

Make eye contact with whom you are speaking:-

This increases chances of mutual agreement .Eye contact is one of the most important parts of the communication skills which tell that you are confident person.

-Read, read and read: –

For better communication and effective words in your speech your vocabulary should   be very strong, Reading more and more will increase your vocabulary. Read whatever you get English novels, story, comics are help you to increases your communication and vocabulary.

Group discussion: –

Try to speak in English with our friend and family member which eventually help you to increases your confidences while speaking in public. Discuss on any current topic with your friend

Discuss issues which come in front of you while speaking in English. Friends are always a good teacher they always help you to boost your confidences. Do not hesitate to speak in public area debate on any topic automatically increases you speaking habit.