Interview tips for software testing

 Interview tips for software testing :-

Job Interview is one of the things from which Fresher and even experienced person always have fear. Everyone go through this phase when time comes and I am also gone through this phase. In this article I am going to share my personal experienced and give some Interview tips for software testing. As you know I am not that much fluent in English so interview is always tough for me. Even though I had good knowledge in my field but I always failed to express it in front of interviewer and due to this I was rejected most time. It is happened just because of low confidences and fear.

In interview it is not compulsory that interviewer ask you about your field and most time interviewer knew that the candidate are prepared about their field so they ask something different which is not belonging to you and your field .Some time they give one topic and ask you to explain about that topic it is just to check your communication skills and we know that communication skill is most important in every field. Some time they give one situation and ask your opinion for that situation it is just because how you deal with that situation in pressure? How much awareness you have? Below I am sharing my personal experienced about software testing field.

 Software testing myth :-

Recently Software testing field have equal scope as compare to software development. There is myth that tester has limited growth in the IT industry as compare to development and that is why many fresher are afraid to get job in testing field but that is not true. In IT every field has exceptional growth but it required 100% hard work and dedication without it in the IT industry you will find yourself in shrunk growth position. Everyone should know that the testers are the backbone of all IT companies because they are the persons who can give the quality outcome.

They are one of the most responsible people and all the success and failure of the project are mostly depend on them so never ever underestimate the tester and testing profession. Be a proud to be a tester. You are the person who reduces the work in many fields, you are the one who often release projects and product without defect, and you are the person whom people and company believe in more. As Tester you should continuously endeavor to become better and better. There are two main part of Software testing

1) Manual Testing

2) Automation Testing

1) Manual Testing :-

Manual Testing is all about the theory so when you appear for manual testing position, Interviewer  have nothing much to ask you other than all the Testing types, Methodologies, SDLC, STLC, Bug life cycle, Test cases template, Bug report templates, BVA, ECP, Defect management Tools, All testing models, Scenarios etc. Apart from Testing interview ask you Some logical Question, Murder mystery question, Brain Teaser, logical games and Situation Awareness Question  to check your thinking and analytical skill etc.

Following are some question which was asked to me in my Software testing interviews.

(Note: – following question are for fresher it is not for Experienced person and all below question are related to Web based application)

-What is Defect life Cycle? Explain it brief?

-Why testing is necessary?

-Explain Testing life Cycle?

-Explain SDLC?

-What is Stubs and driver?

-What is mean by COTS?

-Differences between BVA and ECP?

-Explain Difference between Project and Product?

-What are differences between Bug, Defect and Failure?

– Differences between Verification and validation?

-What are differences between Smoke and sanity?

-Explain severity and priority in software testing?

-What is mean by concurrent testing?

– Difference between Mobile application Testing and Web application testing?

-What are differences between Web site and web Page?

-Exploratory testing?

-What is mean by cyclomatic complexity?

-What is mean by ad-hoc Testing?

-Scenario on Ceiling Fan, Lift, ATM, bottle, Pen, mobile, microwave Owen, washing machine etc.

-How Will you check Flipkart add to cart module? They will ask you any live ecommerce application.

-Murder mystery Situation.

-Brian Teaser.

-Logical Question.

You will get all murder mystery situations, Brain Teaser, logical question and Scenario related examples and document on the internet.Interviewer also gives you their live application for Testing and asks you to find out Bugs.

(Note: – it is not necessary that interviewer ask you same question which are given above so please prepare everything related to testing.)

Software Testing interview are not that easy As you know Manual testing contain more theoretical  part as compare    to development interviewer may ask you any question . Following are some point which kept in your mind while appearing   for testing interviews.

-Before going for the Testing interview prepared yourself very well.

-Always show confidences on your face.

-Speak clear and confidently.

-Be positive when interviewer asked you any Question.

-Do not hesitate if you know the answer speak confidently if you don’t know the answer say I don’t know.

-Think for while before giving any answer.

-Speak slowly but confidently.

-Arrive o time for the interview.

-Listen carefully what interview say.

-Don’t be too familiar.

-Don’t talk too much unnecessarily.

– Ask Question when interview is over.

Note :-

All above point will help you to crack interview successfully if you prepared well. If you want the job you should know the importance of the interview. Many people have excellent interview skills. Why? Because they work hard on their skill and weakness which eventually make them skill person and some people not give much importance to the interview because they feel they can crack any interview easily but that is false assumption and that is why I made this Articles to know the importance’s about the Interview.