How to move data in iCloud folders?

How to move data in iCloud folders?

ICloud is an open source Apple’s developed application where the Apple’s user can store their data in their respective accounts. This is the best application to store data. As it will keep your data save and will also save your device storage which can be used to save other important data. The data stored in iCloud is accessible by the user. Who stored it and with sharing policy the data can also be accessed by the other users too. To a certain limit a user can store data in iCloud for free. But after crossing a certain limit user need to pay some charges to store more data. So be careful while storing the data. Here we will let you know about the tips to create New Folder in the iCloud and how to move data in iCloud folders?

It is a complex process to move file and folders to ICloud. Most of the people want to make New Folder and move files to iCloud through Mac-book. Here is a guide through that you can learn how to create folders and to move it to ICloud drive on their MAC OS X. The process is very simple and can be done easily. You just need to follow some simple steps which are given below and the folders can be moved to ICloud easily.

You must be careful during the process and avoid any mistakes and errors.

The tips about the moving of folders to ICloud are as follow.

  • The first step is that launch Finder on the MAC OS X.
  • Now in the left menu of your MAC go to ICloud drive and click it.
  • After opening ICloud Drive you will have to create a new folder by the same old method.
  • After creating the folder drag the file and then drop it in the newly created folder in iCloud or you can also create a whole new file and then the option will appear that MAC is copying files on the ICloud Drive and the folders are copied to the drive.

That is all, isn’t it simple and easy? We can hope that you are now able to successfully create and move folders on the ICloud. If you have any questions and queries regarding this process you can ask us. If you find this process helpful you must share it share it with others and you can also leave any comments and suggestions regarding this process here.