How to promote online business with business directories

How to promote online business with business directories

There are obviously plenty of business directories on the web – free, expensive, and geared towards specific locations; some are aimed worldwide, some for niche markets and others for all types of businesses. For each as per his own need. This article will tell you how to promote online business with business directories. This might help you if you read-Social Media Marketing Ideas 

Why Would You Consider A Directory Submission?

Every website on the net benefits greatly from inbound links, especially if they are one-way. In other words, the link has not been exchanged (exchanging links in many situations can cancel out any gain of the inbound link as you are giving with one hand and taking with the other). The search engines see this link to your website as a vote of confidence and count this in the ranking score of your website. Had it been a simple process to get one-way inbound links from good quality, high ranking websites ,there would be little demand for online directories, but getting those quality inbound links is no easy task.

A link from a directory to your website can have varying value for your business depending on many factors:

  1. Is the directory a high PR (page rank) site? The higher the PR and quality of the site the better the value of the inbound link.
  2. Are the submissions monitored by humans or does anything go? (Not a good sign)
  3. Is it costly but offers excellent value to your business? Yahoo is an excellent example of one of the expensive but worthwhile directories.
  4. Is it expensive but money down the drain? Give that one a miss!
  5. Is it free but offers no quality or value?
  6. Is your business more interested in gaining link value from the directory or actual website visits – or both? This will have a bearing on the type you choose.
  7. Is the directory full of gambling site submissions?
  8. If submissions cost money, is it a one-off payment or an annual fee?
  9. Is it SEO friendly? In other words, will the search engines like it?

Some Other Things To Look For In A Directory

You first impressions are very important. if the directory site looks unorganized and outdated you will do better to move on. There are some very nice Web 2.0 directories around these days, offering some excellent facilities to the advertiser. Click on this link to know more about viral promotion.

Your Own Business Page

Some directories allow you to have your own business page with images, keyword links embedded in the URL to your website (these are better than just a normal URL) and plenty of space for some good text about your business. This is definitely better than just the 2 line add that many directories offer as the text, images and links help the search engines understand what your website is about and therefore relate it to search terms.

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Hence I hope this helps you to know how to promote online business with business directories.

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