Promote Business on Instagram

Instagram- the new trend of social media is very popular these days. People are crazy for instagram and put many pictures daily on this platform. Now you would be wondering how to promote business on instagram. This article will tell you many innovative ways, which will help in promoting your business quickly through the new trend of social media- Instagram! Whenever we talk about promoting a new product, we mostly target social media platforms, which are cheap to access. Before we proceed on this, we should be aware of  – What Is Online Promotion?

In this article, I have put together some of the best tips which will help you in determining what type of material you should post and when you should post for promoting the business on Instagram. You may fetch ideas from- Most Effective Lead Generation Ideas Online.


  1. Image’s design and quality ;-

The initial thing to be kept in mind is the design as well as quality of the image that you are posting. Remember that the image represents your business and hence it should be of a high quality. A poor quality image can leave a bad mark on your reputation as Instagram is all about pictures. You may use some apps available at the play store, which can help you in enhancing the picture quality before you post them on instagram.

  1. Content related with the Image ;-

Another important step to analyse for promoting through instagram is choosing the right content that resemble your niche as well as image. The content, which looks unique as well as resemble your picture exactly, tends to receive better response from the targeted public. You can moreover post the image of product with introductory offers to attract your clients to try it. This is another trick used for promotion through instagram. In addition to this, you can create more fun while promoting by starting some contest that will keep the people engaged in your profile. You can get ideas here Marketing Ideas For Contest Promotion. The more people follow you, the more people you can target for promotion. Make the people target you, you may follow them back as well.

  1. Posting short and relevant videos :-

Another trick to promote via instagram is by posting short videos relate to your business. Yes, this really works for engaging the people on your post. This facility is allowed on instagram, which has helped in maintaining the customers and increasing your followers for more interesting videos or posts. You need not put a long video so that your followers feel bored. It should be kept small for 10 sec to 50 sec approximately.

  1. Use of Hash-tags :-

Using more hash tags is like a trend being followed on instagram widely. If you wish to target the audience, make sure you use the right hash tag. The value of hash tag is the same as the value of keyword for the purpose of search engine optimization. You may also use letters or numbers for the same. Popular hash tags attract more people and helps in promoting your product.

  1. Right time to post :-

The frequent posting may even result in followers losing their interest in your posts. Be consistent while posting the stuff and try to follow the same pattern in future. Get analytics for targeting right public at right time to promote business on Instagram. You can get more ideas by reading- Social Media Marketing Ideas.

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