Vendor is a term used for ‘supplier’ or to supply goods and services. They are the distributors of goods and services. In supply chain they play very vital role. Vendors, contractors, consultants act as a third party to which a company outsource their work.

Promotion vendors are those consultants who help to promote the product, idea, or person. Vendors are the agencies who do market research before promoting anything. Vendor’s works for a company who wants to promote something. A organization has lot of activities to do and every organization do not carry all the functions by themselves. So they delegate the work which is called B.P.O (business process outsourcing).

According to this a company appoints agencies and delegates the work accordingly and when a company delegates the work of promotion to any agency that agencies are called promotional vendors and now they carry all the function of promoting. These play as same role as the underwriters play the role during the promotion of new company.

Promotion vendors :-

Promotion vendors are specialized in their work, they have all the market information and they know how to promote, for whom to promote and to whom to target? Being a world of consumers it is a duty of promotional vendors to provide perfect information to consumers about product whether it is newest movie at box office or any latest gadget launch in the market.

Therefore Being promotional agencies unique thing about them is they are not doing sales themselves, they are selling their clients. Their work not ends by promoting only; they have to target various leading outlets for that product or service. So after targeting various leading outlets they have to encourage them to increase the sale of that product or service. For example: if product launches, may it be a soft drink. Now these promotion vendors will work out with a plan. Firstly they will target market research and they will find leading sellers for that soft drink and ultimately they will get their commission for promoting the product.

For a new product these promotion vendor will play a leading role, as it is less costly and they have complete knowledge how to increase the brand value of that product and increase its sale.

Work of promotion vendors?

Promotion vendors do planning and create a plan how things will done and handle all the process for its clients. A promotion vendor is independent from the client; it may be internal department or internal agency which provides an outside point of view to the effort of selling the client’s product or services. These vendors are hired to produce televisions commercials, online promotions etc.


There are different promotional vendors according to the product or services. because one vendor is best for one type of product or service. So a company for promotion must choose vendor according to product or market. Market difference makes various types of vendors. Vendors may difference in market opinions. Some vendors are aware about international market and other may aware of domestic market.