What is Promotion?

What is Promotion?

In today’s global world. It has become really important to develop different marketing strategies. The most crucial operation in marketing is promotion. It refers to the process of developing or planning activities. Which can help the customer to get the information about the product and services of the seller or service provider. The basic idea behind this act is to attract the customer in a way that they get inspired to avail the product. There are variable ways to promote a product, such as- advertising, personal selling, press release, discounts, incentive trips and many more. The first target of any organization must be to make the promotional plan. It targets different activities such as increasing the sales. Maintaining its name and position in the market, competitors and maintaining brand power.


While launching a new product.The organizations have several questions in their mind like whom should they target , which time is best for the promotion activity. what are the promotional strategies of different competitors, Will the message reach perfectly to the audience and many more. In order to find justified answers for all these questions.The marketing team must prepare a promotional plan. This plan should perfectly describe the merger of various promotional variables. That have been selected by the marketers. Which will help the organization in meeting their goals. The activities undertaken by a promotional plan must include- Advertising, Sponsorship, personal selling, sales promotion, Public relation, direct marketing, corporate image and publicity.

Basically, promoters promote their product or service to provide information. Create interest of the customer, raise the demand of product and strengthen the brand. This action is taken by the marketing team of every organization. Promotions also take place physically in the form of trade shows, festivals, concerts etc. Every effort is done to make the product go viral.

Promoters often appoint promotional models or brand ambassadors to promote the brand physically in order to create social mind setup. Every kind of product needs promotion for its sale. Today, everything from movies, songs, games to daily life products, electronic, educational institutes etc. All need some or other type of promotion. But, all these things have different techniques of promotions. The top most important promotional strategies used in modern world are social media, telephone or personal sale calls, e-mails, posters /flyers, contests, promotional gifts, events for customer appreciation.

Different Promotion Ways :-

The promotion criteria are different in all the fields of media. Presently, Internet advertisement is one of the most used ways for promotion. Along with this, endorsements by the famous celebrities are also a good way of promotion. Promoters used other source of communication like newspaper, FM radios, and banners for promotion.

Social media is the latest trend among promoters to reach a large number of audiences in short time and investment. To increase the sales of the product. The promoters too add the special incentives to the product like discounts coupons, free items or taking some contest. Also, other method of Promotion is to organize special events like concerts, trade shows in some physical environment such as in grocery store where the customers get the chance to know more about the product. Person-to-person interaction helps more in convincing than interacting with media.

Indeed, it is now clearly understood that a significant role is played by the Promotion activity in the launch of any product or service. In the fast global world, anything can be a great hit with the appropriate Promotional  activity. aid that right, “Without any Promotion , something very terrible happens- Nothing! “