How to Run Windows XP in Windows 7?

How to Run Windows XP in Windows 7?

Windows XP was one of the successful products of Microsoft. It worked best on the previous systems up to Pentium 3. After the advancement in technology advanced laptops and computers arrived in the market along with the new versions of Windows (Windows vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8). People love to play games in Windows XP and most of the games of that time are not supported in the new versions of Windows. Most of the people want to have that time back to play games again on windows XP.

Do you want to run Windows XP in Windows 7? If yes then here is a trick to run windows XP in Windows 7. Yes it’s possible to run but with the following steps:



Therefore make sure that you simply have completed the steps to put in Windows XP.

  • Download and Install Oracle Virtual Box or VM ware from the open supply web site.
  • Assure that you have at least 20GB free space after installation of one of above program.
  • Make sure that you’ve got four GB system RAM and one GB RAM accessible at no cost to be used by Windows XP Virtual Machine.
     Tips and Tricks to Run Windows XP on Windows 7 mistreatment’s Virtual Machine
  • Create a replacement Virtual Machine by clicking on “New”, you would like to set name of the machine and additionally choose Windows XP You will be able to either choose thirty two bits or sixty four bit machine betting on your system Hardware.
  • Now choose RAM for the Windows XP machine. For Windows XP, you will be able to select 1024 MB, however, to confine mind that don’t offer excessive RAM because it could curtail your system performance.
  • Choose disc drive File kind, you have six choices like VDI, VHD, HDD, and QED. Choose VDI as default.
  • Now set the dimensions of Virtual disc in MB. The dimensions preoccupied would be used from your C Drive of Windows seven.
  • Now you would like to pick the beginning up disk. Currently during this Step you would like to possess associate ISO image or CD/DVD of Windows XP to pick as a boot device from that Windows XP may well be put in.
  • After choosing the ISO/DVD, the system can boot from XP machine and you would like to follow the installation method.

Therefore simply click on the screen and fill the essential information it prompts for. If you’ve got any quite question or confusion allow us to apprehend. We tend to will retreat to your queries and queries as shortly sustainable. Until then don’t forget to share this guide about Windows XP along with your alternative friends and circle too.