Shortcut words for Android phone Keypad

Shortcut words for Android phone Keypad

Google operating system Android is the most used operating system in Smart devices of the world. Android devices support all types of messengers and browsers and other applications. Some of the applications need typing like Whatsapp, Viber, and Skype etc. Here we will let you know about creating shortcut for most frequently used words in Android devices. This will make typing more efficient and effective along with other advantages like if you mistype any word and send to any person with awkward meaning then it will be a bad impression. Secondly you don’t need to type the words again and again like URL’s email address and other most used words it will be saved in the directory.

Because in Android 4.1 and above versions there is a built in solution for the saving of most used words along with the enabled dictionary function to automatically suggest words. The other function you can also avail in the Android 4.1 and above versions is the keyboard shortcuts, by using this feature user can create specific shortcuts for most frequently used words or the log words like email address or the URL’s.

For example if you want to create shortcut of shortcut with “aaa”, when you type the words “aaa” it will be replaced or translated to the email address Isn’t it simple?

If you are using the Android version 4.1 or above then you can use the built in keyboard for making shortcut keys else you need to install third party software like Smart Keyboard Pro to make words shortcut.

Here are the steps to create shortcuts of most used words:

  • Go to Android device Settings section
  • Then to Input and Languages
  • Tap on Personal Dictionary
  • Tap on the plus (+) sign
  • In the above typing field (Type a word) type the word that you use most frequently
  • In the below dialog box (Shortcut: Optional shortcut) type the acronyms like aaa, bbb, ccc etc. That you can easily remember about a particular word.
  • Tap the back button to the home screen
  • Open the typing editor like Gmail, message box, Whatsapp etc and type the shortcut you created
  • You will have the exact saved word by typing the shortcut.

Hence you can save Android keyboard words shortcuts of unlimited words.