Smart Phones Tips from Basic to Expert

Smart Phones Tips from Basic to Expert

In the past 3 years the whole market of mobile phones is captured by the Smart phones. The main reason is the features of smart phones. The features and supporting the importing applications made the smart phones to be part of our life. Samsung is the world’s most selling smart phone company and most importantly it uses the Google’s Operating system Android.

      Here we will guide you about the tips of using Smart phones in the best manner according to your personality.
  • A customized home screen gives the best feelings at the very first place. A properly organized and customized “Home Screen” will save your very important time. Arrange the home screen Icons, wallpaper, theme and colors according to your requirements that will help and also shades a better look. There is almost no limit to how much you can customize your phone with apps, widgets, notifications, ringtones, and more. Make it business-like, make it stylish, or make it zany, but above all, make it yours!


  • Another essential tip is that you should learn how to minimize power saving of your battery to allow the battery to run longer. Always turn off the unnecessary applications, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not needed. Make your home screen dark colored and also use the icons and application themes in dark color. Reduce the display time to the minimum level which is more convenient. Do not use the vibrator when it is not required because it consume more power. Always use the battery saving mode for better timing.


  • Losing smart phone means loss of important data, but in the smart phone you can avail the facility of recovering your smart phone. Both the iPhone and Windows Phone 8 devices have ‘find my phone’ features built-in to their operating systems. Android users can take advantage of a number of free apps that performs the same function. These apps will allow you to locate, call, erase or lock your phone remotely, adding much-needed peace of mind for individuals who rely on their phones for important personal and business use.


  • Use the hotspot of the smart phone devices to grow the Wi-Fi network and to avail internet access on different devices. The smart phone can work as personal Wi-Fi hub, activate the hotspot and create a local network. You can use internet on different other devices and computers by single connection.

These are few important tips that everyone should know to get better out of smart phones.