Software Testing Challenges and solution


 Software Testing Challenges: –

There are many challenges Tester face in his/her day to day software testing process.Some time it is very difficult for them to handle the situation because they found our self in stuck situation where they cannot think out of the box or beyond the Testing bar. Such time they should take one cup of coffee or take five minute break and stop thinking about the testing which eventually helps them to refresh their mind. Following are some points which help Software tester facing testing challenges.

Testing the whole Application: –

Testing Application is tedious job and if someone say to test whole application is even more frustrating for any Manual Tester. Though we know testing whole Application is impossible task and never ending process and 100 % test coverage is not possible that time give the priority to the those test cases which is more important to application point of view. Even passionate tester also gives up when it comes to check whole application. Hundreds of combination has thousands of test cases that time it is very difficult for tester to execute each and every test case at give time constraints.

Understanding the Requirement:-

Understanding the User or Client Requirement is one of the essential processes in the software testing field. Tester should understand each and every concept because some time tester is responsible for communicating with customers for understanding the requirements. If Tester failed to understand the customer requirement how he/she is able to test the application. For better understanding of requirement tester should have good listing and communication skills.

Which Test to execute first :-

Tester writes many test scenarios, test cases, test suit and other testing related document when they get the new project. If they have minimum time constrains how they prioritize test cases. How they know which test to execute first and which later. This all things come with the knowledge and experienced. Tester should know which are important parts of the project are main priority of the project. If they understand these things then they automatically understand which to execute first and which to execute last while testing the projects.

Testing in limited Time:-

Many time testers won’t get the enough time to test the application that time tester simply focuses on task completion and not on the test coverage and quality of work. There is large list of tasks that tester need to complete within specified time. This includes writing, execution and reviewing the test cases. Such time experienced play big role when tester have minimum time constraint that time they perform ad-hoc and exploratory testing, monkey testing etc procedure on application.

Relationship with Developer:-

In IT industry people assume that Tester and developer are like north and South Pole. They never agree on the each other views. It is big challenge. Required very skilled tester to handle this relation positively and even by completing the work in testers way. There are simply hundreds of excuses developers or tester can make when they are not agree with some points. For this tester also requires good communication and analyzing skills. Developer and Tester should always co-operate with each other and they should also understand and respect the each other view.

Subtle Bugs:-

Everyone knows that Testing is very challenging task it required skills and patience’s. Many time Tester face situation where they are unable to find bugs because some bugs are very hard to find such subtle bugs required special skills and dedication some time such bugs get more time to execute. This type of bugs mostly finds when tester performs some unusual task like negative testing, exploratory etc.

Misunderstanding of company process :-

some time tester just don’t pay proper attention what the company defined processes are and these are for what purposes. There are some myths in testers that they should only go with company processes even these processes are not applicable for their current testing scenario. This result in incomplete and in appropriate application testing.

Lack of skilled Tester:-

Skills comes with practice. There is nothing like lack of skilled tester fresher is always having insufficient skill but that doesn’t mean that they are unskilled. Testing field required proper guidance’s, knowledge which eventually come with the practice and study. When fresher enter in testing field they feel that testing is job which can perform easily but that is not true. Testing required skill, hard work, patience’s and dedication. If you want to improve your Testing skill start working on your analytical skill, play more decision making games, puzzles, Sudoku, brain teaser etc.

Decision to stop Testing:-

When to stop testing is one of the big challenge for fresher because they really don’t know  when to stop testing.When they perform testing that time they only know testing is never ending process as they heard while doing study on testing. When to stop testing required many years of experience and knowledge. Expert says stop testing when you fulfill the entire project requirement, Test cases and when product release time is close.