How to get career started in Software Testing?

Software Testing? When we talk About Software Testing before 10 to 15 yr ago that time there were few people who hardly knew about it and most of them were high level IT professionals. In IT Industry that time there was no separate field like software testing. Developer usually did that and they thought that it is totally waste of time and money. They also thought Software Testing was   useless work and they build excellent software so there was no need of testing for that. But now day’s story has been changed. Software testing is one of the most exciting and challenging and demanding job in the software Industry. So I am going to tell you How to get career started  in software testing.

These are few Question come in my mind when I started my career in software testing. I am also new in this field .In Testing  I come across FAQs quite regularly. Well, as far as learning testing is concerned, I strongly believe that there is no “Magic Bullet” for that. It depends on the person trying to learn testing. The ways that work for me may or may not work for you. Simply because, our contexts of learning and level of perceptions might be entirely different!

Personally, I try to learn testing skills from a variety of sources like a lot of reading, lots of Research, Articles etc and observing the things happening around me in my day to day life, interacting with testers, doing some real testing, and more importantly thinking on a testing challenge from different possible angles and dimensions. Here are few points that I would like to give to freshers who are interested in a career in Software Testing:

1) Study a lot:-

– Everyone Think that Study? Yes, You Heard right. Software Testing is all about Study. We studied or heard about software testing in Software Engineering subject in our college but that is not enough to make career in Testing Field .I am not sure if there are many universities where testing is taught as an independent subject. Mostly students come across testing in their final semesters while doing their final project. But not to do some testing of the application they are developing but to write some theory about testing in their final project report. Sounds untrue! But this is the bitter truth. Hence, when the students come out with a University degree in hand they don’t know much about testing.

And as freshers, most things in testing are new to them. So a good starting point would be to start with lot of reading. You may start with good testing books, online testing resources, testing articles written by some well known world-class testers, testing magazines, joining online testing forums, and so on. There are many testing books available in the market. The two books that I myself follow and admire are:-

Testing Computer Software, 2nd Edition by Cem Kaner, Jack Falk, and Hung Q. Nguyen.

– Lessons Learned in Software Testing by Cem Kaner, James Bach, and Bret Pettichord.

Try to make a habit of study new thing which are coming to market .Because In Testing field you have to keep yourself update. It is not only increase knowledge but also help you to be different in the crowd

2) Practice and a lot’s of Practice:-

-Yes, to become excellent in software Testing you have to do lots of practice. As you know the Proverb-“Practice make a man perfect”. Software Testing is all about the practice you have to work hard on your skills, Time Management etc. But reading, all these testing related resources, is not going to get you anywhere, unless you practice it. If your day job does not allow you to practice testing, make it your night affair. If you do coding, test it more sincerely.

Practice unit testing. Analytical skills are also important it helps to develop thinking process. When you have time don’t waste it try to make something from that play brain games, Sudoku, puzzles and also such activity which make you think a lot. Always try to check new things which are coming in market. Ask many questions like why it is like this? Why not it is like that? What will happen when I click here etc? There are many articles and books are available in market and on internet read that book also try to solve dumps which are present online. There are many software testing community present on internet sign up there we get lots of things from there. Check out Mozilla.

Participate in the open source you could download nightly builds from Mozilla and try to break them. Want to know what a test case or a bug report would look like? You’ll get those on Mozilla from Source Forge the world’s largest development and download repository of Open Source code and applications and test them. Try to catch some bugs. There are many to be caught! Did you know Microsoft Vista Betas were shipped free? Yahoo Mail Beta is still free. Upgrade to one of those and try to probe into it. That was how I could find a bug in Yahoo Mail Beta. Sign up as Beta tester. Microsoft has Beta Testing program. Practice there more and more. If you are able to catch a couple of bugs that would certainly boost your confidence in testing. At the end be  passionate about Testing.

3) Observation is best key to get Success in testing field :- Observation is one of the most powerful skills we have . Software Tester should have good observation skills and Quick learning skills help us to think differently. Whenever we observe something try to analysis it and also observe it carefully. It might  help you in your testing skills. It also help us to enhance our thinking skill. Tester needs excellent observation skill . When he /she test the application he/she should know how  things goes on which eventually comes from good observation habit. I believe observation is a very essential skill of any tester. Try to observe the things happening in your surroundings. Try to learn how to look for details, how to analyze things from different possible dimensions. See if you could apply testing to your day to day life activities or objects.

4) Interact with Experience Tester:-Interact with the Tester who have Good Experience in Testing Field. It helps you to develop your knowledge about Testing . Also Ask them about software Testing Procedures they Applied in the projects. Take Participation in Testing Forums discussion. There Are Various Community present on internet which provides Testing Related Updates and Knowledge. Sign up there. Remember interaction is most essential in Testing Field. It  not only improves your knowledge but also helps you to keep yourself updated in testing field.

5) Be skeptical when it comes to Testing: – If you want to become excellent tester then be a skeptical .Because it helps you to improve your performance while testing the project or product. When you get the product or project for testing  that time there are many people present around you who developed that project or product and they always says there are no bugs present  in this project or product because they thought that  they have build excellent product or project.

But As Tester you should know your responsibility .You should also know Testing is the backbone of IT industry. No one released the Project or product in market without Testing It. So you should know how much responsibility you have because if product or project get crashed or failed in future at that time all the blame come on to your shoulder. That’s why I would suggest you don’t trust anyone while it comes to testing.

6) Be passionate About Testing: – “A passionate tester is always better than a technically sound developer.” Yes you heard Right; “A passionate tester is always better than a technically sound developer” . Because There is myth that anyone can perform testing. There is nothing like hard in the testing field .But these are totally wrong assumptions. Being excellent in testing field requires passion about testing and it is not one day or month process. It takes more time. As you grow in the testing field you will know how much passion, dedication and patience is required for Testing because Testing is task of repetition and also it is process which never ends. As you grow in the testing field you will get the idea when to stop testing. I would like to suggest not only  in Testing, you require passion  in every field.

7) Make Habit of writing for Software Testing: –

“The faintest ink is better than the best memory”. Yes it sounds something weird but it is truth which we have to accept in the testing Field. Make more habit to note down thing which we perform daily in the office and when it comes to testing you should know the importance of  Writing. Whatever task you performed make notes whatever it may be like Test scenario, Test cases and Test suits etc.

While Performing a Testing note down the steps which produces the error, bug and failure because some bugs are very difficult to reproduce when we forget the steps. Because there are many such subtle bugs  present in the application which are difficult to get back while testing. So it is better to note down all abnormal activity which affect the application. Sometime what happen Developer or tester make some unnecessary changes in the application which annoy the client and then client report it to the higher authority about the unnecessary requirements. So to keep your side safe always make list of all the requirements which you made in the application.