Tips to Solve Auto Rotate Issue in Smart Phones

Tips to Solve Auto Rotate Issue in Smart Phones

One of the cool features of the smart phones is the Auto Rotate of the screen. This feature is extremely useful while watching a video in the smart phones, the video will automatically enhance the full screen mode when the smart phone is rotated clock wise or anti-clock wise. The feature works on all Android media players and also on online vides websites like YouTube and daily motion. Sometimes people face the auto rotate problem in smart phone, the reasons are different and have the different solutions. If your auto rotate is not working in smart phone then detect the problem and solution from the below provided guide.

The possible issues that stop the auto rotate function of your device may be of the following reasons:

  • The Auto-Rotate feature of smart phone is disabled
  • Need to perform the Calibration in your smart phone
  • Touchwiz Auto-Rotate app of smart phone may be faulty
  • The phone’s memory may be over-loaded
Here are the step by step tips to solve the Auto-Rotate problem:

First, ensure that your Android phone is set to auto-rotate when you change the orientation of your phone. Tap “Settings” and then “Display.” Check the Auto Rotate Screen Option, after that check the animation settings, as this setting can sometimes affect the auto-rotation of some websites and applications. Tap the “Animation” drop-down button and select all animations from there. Keep the troubleshooting if all these options are set correctly.

Memory Leak or Overload

If your device is low on memory or is running sluggishly then auto rotate function sometimes do not work properly. If you have opened multiple apps and internet, close all these apps and try auto rotate again, if it still does not work properly shut down the smart phone and remove the battery for some time and then start the device again.

After performing above tips if the problem is still prevailing then follow the below steps:

  • Tap on Settings
  • Click on Applications
  • Tap Manage and scroll down
  • Then Tap Market.
  • Tap the Clear Cache button.

It will help in the performance of device and also will free some extra storage. After this restart your mobile phone.
G-Sensor Calibration

Smart phones must be re calibrated so that the auto-rotate works properly. The users will have to use G-sensor calibrate function in order to do so. It is an accelerometer which measures the forces acting on it and it allows for auto screen rotation and also other device enhancements. In order to do so you will have to tap the Settings and then Display. After that tap G-Sensor calibration and place the smart phone on flat, make the surface like table top or counter top, after that tap the Calibrate button. Tap on OK when the option of calibrate complete appears.