Tips to Solve Overheating Problem in Smart Phones

Tips to Solve Overheating Problem in Smart Phones

Smart phones are the most used devices throughout the world and their popularity is increasing with every passing day. These smart phones have the most smart, unique and advanced features. The best feature of smart phones is that the Smart phones are able to perform multitasking at the same time. But the common problem faced by the smart phones users is the overheating of the smart device. Generally users acknowledge this issue as the faulty battery, over charging, integrated circuit failure or battery connector’s problem but in actual the reason of overheating may be result of software issue, installed SD card or by installed faulty applications in your smart device.

People reports that the issue of overheating arises in smart phones while:
  • Browsing internet
  • Accessing media apps on their smart phones
  • Playing games on their devices
  • Watching movies.
  • During calls.
  • Taking Pictures using their smart phones.
  • Random usage or multitasking.

Overheating is the most common and is a serious issue in most of the smart phones, as overheating may also result in damaging the other components of your phone or can also dead the smart device. Overheating is the common reason for reducing the life time along with the smart device functionality. If the user does not recover the overheating of their devices at the early stage then it will result in the damaging of Integrated circuit, coils, resisters, capacitors and other components of the smart device. It also lowers the battery usage timing.

Here you will be guided through step by step instructions in order to resolve the overheating problem of smart phones.

Overheating Solutions of smart phones

The most common reason of overheating in smart phones is none updating of the pre-installed apps. If the updates are not installed with time it results in the overloading in the smart device memory along with overheating. To update the apps follow the below steps:

  • Go to Google Play Store.
  • Tap on the menu button on the left top of the Google Play store.
  • Then Tap on my apps.
  • Tap on Update All

Make sure that you have updated all the apps by following the above process again. If the overheating problem is still not solved follow the below steps.

  • You must clean the battery contacts as there are a lot of dust particles around the battery. These particles can infiltrate the fan of the smart phone, and also the recharging orifice can be polluted.
  • The another overheating issue is running multiple apps at the same time, close unnecessary apps and only use required apps at the same time. To close the unnecessary apps follow the below steps.
    • Go to Settings
    • Tap on More
    • Application Manager
    • Swipe right to left to see the running apps
    • Select and stop the unnecessary apps

If the problem is still not solved go to the Manufacturer center as the problem is with the hardware instead of software.