Special Tips for iPhone Users

Special Tips for iPhone Users

In the world of Smartphone everyone wants look cool with an iPhone as it is considered to be one among the best gadget in the world. But many users are not aware about the hidden tips and tricks to use iPhone. One among them is resetting an iPhone. You don’t have to get tensed if your iPhone get hang or stuck. You just have to hold together your home screen button at the bottom and sleep/awake button at the top for few seconds. Till your iPhone shuts off and apple logo appear. This will reset the IPhone for you.


Second is setting restriction of app for iPhone. IPhone has made easy to restrict accessibility of apps to other users. You just have to go to General>> Restriction>>enable and enter the four digit code to restrict the visibility of app for any other user.

I Phone contains many hidden characters which are not known to the user. you will have to hold certain keys like A,C,E,I,L,O,S,U,Y,Z to find out hidden characters in iPhone.  It is also possible to create custom vibration for iPhone. It means setting vibration in iPhone for longer or shorter duration as per users preference with the help of setting>>sound option at the bottom of.

In iPhone when you receive a text message you can see preview of the message. But it is also possible to Disable Show SMS in iPhone. For this you have to go to General, select pass code lock, and enter the code. After entering the code select disable Show SMS Preview. This will show only the text message.

I Phone had advance Do Not Disturb option.  It makes all the incoming calls and text messages silent. Similarly it allows making particular calls or repeated calls silent. For this you will have to go to Setting then Notification and then opt for Do Not Disturb option at top of screen in iPhone.

In order to lock Screen Orientation in iPhone you have to swipe up from the bottom of the screen to get Control Centre. Then double-click on the home button from the control centre of the iPhone. It will display a process menu listing all the apps. Now select the icon from these apps showing a lock with a curved arrow on it. This will lock iPhone screen orientation. Use these tricks and make iPhone using and amazing experience