Tips to have funny prank calls

Tips to have funny prank calls

Different people have different habits of enjoying their life. For many people enjoyment is the core of their life and for some people making prank calls is a sort of hobby or a kind of fun. When they get bored or have nothing to do they sometimes get in making prank calls. Through prank calls you can annoy a stranger or a friend of you or even business owner. Imagine how much fun it will be if two people get connected on a call and converse anything with each other.

But you should also know that making calls is offensive. So you should take care while making a prank call to a stranger. If you are one among them, who enjoy making prank call then here there are certain tips how to make a prank call.

With this you can make free prank calls from your any number to any number.

Now we will see how to make free prank calls from any number to any number. For this you are required to first download VOXOX application by visiting online website of VOXOX application. This application is available for all OS versions like iOS, Android and Windows OS. But you will have to download only the necessary software version for your OS. As this application will not work if you don’t use appropriate OS version.

Once you downloaded and installed VOXOX application you need to sign up for free account which can also be awarded with a small credit of $1. After signing in you will have to add your name, mobile number and email id to get started. Make sure you have added +91 in the caller id. Then you will see a main dial pad.

Then you have to make changes in caller Id by using a small dial pad. Here you have to enter the desired mobile number you wish to call from. You can change caller ID details by clicking the small type of icon at the bottom. And then choose MY CALLER ID. After you choose this option a dialog will pop up where you can enter the caller ID to any person in the world. One thing you will have to remember to enter the correct country code while entering the caller ID details. Then click on ok and enter the mobile number you wish to make a call. And have fun with making prank calls to different people.