Tips to Save Battery of Smart Phones, Tablet and Laptop.

Tips to Save Battery of Smart Phones, Tablet and Laptop

Android and iOS supported devices are the most used devices across the globe. Since these device arrives in the market with many installed applications and many functions, so this reason results in the consumption of batteries. Installation of new applications means consumption of extra battery, as it keep running at the back end and keep using the battery. There are certain tips that will help you to increase battery timing of your device.

The main reason that the smart devices consume more battery is the big LED display. So the first tip to save the battery of smart device is to reduce the brightness of the display. This trick will help you with at least two hours extra battery timing. Do not enable the auto-brightness as it is sometimes more brighten then your requirement and will consume more power.

Tips to Save Battery of Smart Phones, Tablet and Laptop

If you are using a smart phone with AMOLED screen then you must always use a dark colored background. Dark background images have less pixels and AMOLED screen consumes battery according to the pixels. This trick will save battery and lasts long and same is the case with the themes you apply on your smart device.

Use the original batteries which are manufactured by the authorized companies. Do not use low priced and sub standard batteries because it will damage your expensive smart phone severely. It will save you a few bucks but only for the time being and will not provide efficient battery timing.

Set the screen display time shorter because more time you will set the more battery it will consume. Set the time at your convenience and usually 20 seconds or 30 seconds are good enough and it will run your battery for longer time.

Another best trick is to turn off the Wi-Fi, blue tooth and other unnecessary applications. When you do not need them to use. When you are sleeping or busy in some other task you can set your phone to sleep mode which will definitely save your battery power.

Install the application of Dynamic Notifications which will give you the option to see the notifications without unlocking the phone. Also use the battery saving mode for better battery timing.

Above are useful and handy tips for power saving on your smart phones, try these and feel the difference.