Tips and Tricks for iPhone 6

Tips and Tricks for iPhone 6

iPhone 6 is a very handsome and technologically advanced smart phone. It has some awesome features and built in apps. You can learn here about how to use it better and how to get more out of it. Some important tips and tricks are there for you about this latest smart phone of Apple’s and an individual must know about it.

The first import tip is to secure your iPhone 6. In the device you can store your important data like pictures, videos audio, documents, files and most importantly credit or debit card information. Recently a flaw was going on that the iPhone screen of iOS 7 can easily be cracked in seconds and could be by passed easily.

The trick to avoid the bypass of iPhone screen disables the control setting access by following steps:

  • Open Menu
  • Tap on Settings
  • Disable Control Center Access

Until the updates to iOS 8 your iPhone 6 will be secured. If you have young age children then another trick is to enable accessibility features in iPhone 6. As young children loves to play with iPhone and there are possible chances of deletion of important data. To avoid this you can use the facility of accessibility feature. To enable this feature follow the following steps.

  • Open General Tab in Settings
  • Select Accessibility.
  • Enable Guided Access.

An important feature in the iOS 7 and iOS 8 is Siri, as this feature is smart to provide the personal assistance. Some time due to different accents it mispronounce the queries, here we will tell you about a simple trick to fix that issue. When you find the Siri is pronouncing wrong just say “That is not how you pronounce” after the wrong pronunciation of word. With this trick you will have the list of related and alternative words and you can choose the right one and to make the Siri according to your wish.

This Tips and Tricks for iPhone 6  is not known to many people who use iPhone 6. Before the biggest problem in iPhone was of battery issue now here is a trick to increase battery timing of iPhone 6, update your iPhone 6 to iOS 8 and then follow the steps:

  • Open Settings
  • Visit the General Tab
  • Select battery usage
  • Note the un necessary apps consuming batteries
  • Close the unnecessary applications and have battery to use.