How to Transfer Contacts from BlackBerry to Samsung

How to Transfer Contacts from BlackBerry to Samsung

In the first decade of the current century Blackberry was the leading mobile company and captured the whole market. But with the arrival of Android and iOS the market business completely changed. Most of the users shifted from BlackBerry to Android but faced the problems of shifting the contacts from BlackBerry to Android. You don’t need to worry. Here you will be guided through step by procedure to transfer contacts from BlackBerry to Samsung. Transferring contacts from BlackBerry to Samsung Galaxy is not a myth. All you need is the understanding of downloading software and installation. Through the connection of cables and with some clicks you will be done.


First step is to install Blackberry Desktop Software (to create link between laptop and BlackBerry) to your Laptop and then connect your BlackBerry device to the Laptop cable using the cable. Click the detect button to detect your BlackBerry device. The next step is to make a backup of your device. You just need to press the backup button in order to save the backup of your device to the Laptop or computer.

Now you need to install the Phone to Phone transfer software. It will take about 5 minutes to be installed on your Laptop or Computer. There is no special instruction to install this software; just clicking it will result in the installation of the software.

Hence now plug in the Samsung to your computer and enable USB debugging, both the mobiles will be detected in the software and now you just need to transfer your contacts from one mobile to another.

When both the mobiles will be detected by the mobile you need to select BlackBerry as the primary mobile from which you need to transfer the contacts and Samsung secondary.

Therefore Select the contacts option and click the Start Copy button. The contacts sharing will be started and within seconds the contacts will be transferred. Before removing your mobiles properly close the software and use the respective unplug options on both devices. Here you are finished and the transfer is done. Enjoy your contacts on Samsung S4.