Tricks to Increase Internet Speed in Windows Operating System

Tricks to Increase Internet Speed in Windows Operating System

You may be wondering is it possible to increase the internet speed in windows operating system. Yes it is possible to increase the internet speed but needs to follow some tricks and tips. This tip is a secret that of Microsoft, they have reserved the bandwidth internet speed for their purpose to update their Windows. Here you will be guided to utilize the reserved bandwidth for Windows updates to increase your download speed.Here you will be guided step by step to increase the speed of your internet connection.

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Increase internet download Speed:

Microsoft has reserved 20% internet speed to update the windows. So in actual you have only 80% Internet speed in Windows Operating system. To make use of 20% reserved band width; follow the following steps:

  • Click windows button
  • Click on “Run”
  • Type gpedit.msc in the Run box and press enter.

A configuration page will be open named “Local Group Policy Editor” as shown below, now you need to open the folders one by one as directed in our manual guide.

  • Click on the Computer Configuration tab.
  • In the computer configuration tab click on Administrative Templates.
  • Click on the Network
  • In the Network folder click on the QoS Packet Scheduler.

The next step is to open the Limit Resolvable Bandwidth; in this section you will find the limited bandwidth.  A new window will pop up and here you need to make changes in order to increase internet speed of your internet connection.

In the Limit Resolvable Bandwidth window the first step is to check that you are allowed to make changes. If you are allowed then you can directly move to the next step else follow the following steps.

Click on “Enabled

Set the bandwidth limit to 0%

Press Ok

Therefore Now you have increased your internet download speed 20% more. But do remember to have better internet speed you need to have the better internet speed connection from your service provider. The internet download speed depends on the internet connection bandwidth package that you have taken from your service provider.

This trick is to use only reserved bandwidth of Microsoft Windows Operating system.