Unlock Your Android Device without Losing Data

Unlock Your Android Device without Losing Data

Giving a security for a Smartphone with the help of a pattern lock has become very common now days. It helps to prevent smart phones from misuse by a stranger. If your Smartphone is stolen by someone pattern lock protects your data inside from getting leaked.

This security feature of pattern lock can be used by customizing the setting under menu option.  But the problem comes when you happen to forget pattern of lock of your device.  And in attempt to open it you get it locked by typing different patterns. Your main worry is of losing valuable data.

As the commonly used method to bypass android pattern deletes all the data that is stored inside it and makes it as it has come from the gallery. This can be done with the help of factory reset option from recovery mode. But this is not advisable for two reasons as it deletes all the data and there are better options available now.

Now don’t get annoyed and irritated if you forget your pattern.  If you forget your pattern lock don’t get panic. We have a safer option to open your patter lock without your data getting deleted. But u will have to follow certain steps before doing this.

First you have to install ABD driver on your PC

Secondly it is very important to see that the USB debugging must be enabled before your device being locked

To use this technique of unlocking your device you should be very careful while installing the drivers. This technique will not work unless certain drivers are properly installed. Now you connect you android device via USB cable to PC

Open folder where ABD driver is installed. Then right-click on the screen along with the Hold the shift key and then select “OPEN COMMAND WINDOW”

Then you will have to type as given below

  • Adb shell
  • cd/data/data/com.android.provider .setting/databases
  • sqlite3 setting .db
  • update system set value=0 where  name =lockscreen.Lockedoutpermanently
  • .quit

Once you are done with these steps it is required to reboot your android device and it will be ready for your use. Another way of getting your device unlocked is with the help of G MAIL. Also using G Mail you can use your device unlocked without losing your data. Use these safer methods of unlocking your device instead of old device unlocking methods. Be safe and use you device safely.