Tips and tricks to block unwanted calls and SMS on android Phone

Tips and tricks to block unwanted calls and SMS on android Phone

Android Mobile is a very good device without any doubt. One may get some unwanted call which he/she does not expect from android mobile. There are some free application which can easily block the unwanted call and SMS. So, to prevent those calls, currently you can simply block unwanted calls on your Smartphone mobile by employing an easy technique and by exploitation some apps. Here, we’ve listed some best apps that may block unwanted calls and SMS saves some time.


Manual technique

Manual technique to close calls on your android mobile is completely different form various smart phone mobiles. So, here its out of the question to travel through all robot devices. So, I recommend you travel for the app that may block unwanted calls and SMS.

Best Apps to block Unwanted Calls and SMS on your Android device.

  1. Mrs. Number

Mrs. Number may be a free app that may block unwanted calls and messages on any android device. Some options of Mrs. Number

  • Block decision and SMS from specific person and space.
  • Saves it slow by obstruction Calls and SMS from Telemarketers and debt Collectors.
  • Reverse look variety feature.
  • Report Spam calls and SMS to different users..


  1. Call Blocker

Call Blocker is another best humanoid app to close unwanted calls and SMS. This app is offered in free version and paid version too.

  • Block Unwanted Calls and send machine Reply.
  • Protect your SMS and decision logs.
  • Back up your Contact to server.
  • Remember that you cannot change them.


  1. Call management

The Call management is employed to block unwanted calls and SMS. So, this is a very smarter option to block those bad and useless calls.

Some Important features:

  • Block sender calls mechanically
  • specific space victimization code from Block Calls  .
  • Block text and movie messages
  • 100% Ad free

This was the trick that you will use to block unwanted calls and SMS from completely different useless sources. If you have got any reasonably question or confusion left associated with this issue then do allow us to apprehend. We have a tendency to square measure positive that this might be facilitate your android device to process some sigh from such useless calls. Until then don’t forget to share this guide along with your different friends and circle too.