Social media is acting like a boon to our society in promotion of various things and people. The best way to promote anything is to create its page on facebook and invite likes. Most people spend time online instead of offline. Yes they are more online then offline and this helps in promoting. As they see various products ads while using social media.

Social media in promotion is a term used for the new generation websites which enable greater interaction with their users. Face book and Twitter are the famous examples. The Social media is a new, creative and economic way to promote your business and to keep potential and existing customers in touch. Social media presents great marketing opportunities for all business types and sizes. Social media can be used to:

  1. Promote the name of any brand or business
  2. Tell customers about the goods and services
  3. To know the thinking of the customers
  4. Also To attract new customers
  5. To maintain easy and daily relations with the existing customers.

Advantages of social media :-

There are so many advantages of social media. It can reach millions of people all around the world. It has the ability to target specific groups. Many forms of social media like facebook allows targeting particular groups in particular locations. Also, social media is freely or cheaply available for any business. It helps to communicate on a personal basis in very less time through chatting and sharing posts. The information can be circulated quickly to many people. The main thing is that it is so much easy and comfortable to interact through social media. It is the best possible way to communicate and promote.

The main feature is that through social media when one person likes or comments on any post or shares it .All the friends of that person get to see it in their news feeds. Thus it results in mass communication.

Social media

Social media has almost abolished the use of posters and pamphlets. The people show least interest now reading the posters, pamphlets and flexes because they hardly have time to do so. But online posters and pamphlets are of their great interest as most of the time people spend online in today’s era.

 Social media in promotion can be termed as ‘SMART PROMOTION’.  The most influencing factor of social networking sites such as facebook is that when anybody’s friend has liked that particular page, a person is tend to  pay more attention to it. Thus awareness about that particular product or person spread like a wildfire in no time.

Everybody checks these social media everyday- be it children, adults or even aged people. This is really a very helpful factor in promoting.

The most attractive feature of online promoting or promoting through social media is that it facilitates easy and immediate feedback of the people.

Thus, the actions can be taken in response to customers’ feedback. In this respect communication through social media is a two-way-communication and hence it is effective and efficient.