Useful Blackberry Shortcut Buttons

Useful  Blackberry Shortcut Buttons

One of the advantages of BlackBerry handsets sharing a standard software system platform is that a similar shortcuts and time-saving options.  At present all devices are accessed within the same method.

BlackBerry easy actions to make shortcut

  • Press Space key twice to insert a full
  • To insert ‘@’ and full stops into email addresses, press Space key while typing in the address.
  • Also to type and accent or special character, hold the appropriate key and roll the track pad or trackball.
  • To capitalize a letter, hold the letter key until the capitalized character appears.
  • Exit a screen or dialogue box Press Escape/Back key
  • To move the cursor in a different direction, Press Alt key and roll the track pad or trackball
  • To change an option field, hold Alt key and click a value
  • Jump to an item in a list; Press the first letter of the item.
  • Select a check box, press Space key. To clean the box press the Space key again
  • To select a line of text, press Shift and roll the track pad or trackball
  • Turn on the backlighting, press (but don’t hold) the Power button.
  • Find contacts from the BlackBerry home screen; press the letters for the contact’s first and last with a space between them.
  • Switch to another program; hold down the BlackBerry button until the programs appear. Toggle through them using the track pad and click Enter to select
  • Move down a screen, press Space key
  • Move up a screen press Shift plus Space key
  • Multitask while on a call press the BlackBerry button while on a call, followed by selecting the home screen. From here one can access any other application or emails

While using Docs to go to the BlackBerry browser, these shortcuts are most useful,

  • Skip forwards through slides, use N key
  • Skip backwards through slides, use P key
  • Start a slideshow, use S
  • Stop a slideshow, use Escape.
  • Enter a new web address in a browser, use G followed by the url
  • Add item to bookmarks, use A
  • Show bookmarks, use K
  • Refresh a web page, use R
  • Show a history of the most recent sites visited, use I
  • Insert a backslash to a web address, use Shift followed by Space

Most BlackBerry handsets have full keyboards, but there are still a number of shortcuts to form typewriting easier and to combat common errors. This facility may be accustomed produce common custom word shortcuts, by that people can type normally used terms in shorthand.