Useful Shortcut Buttons of Windows Phone

Useful  Shortcut Buttons of Windows Phone

The windows phone system has an impressive set of keyboard shortcuts to help people fly through the phone without digging through the menus. By pressing a couple of quick key people can perform most common tasks. When working a lot on Windows Phone, it is sometime easy to use shortcut buttons to perform some specific tasks instead of tapping onscreen display. It is also require knowing the keys when people don’t have the hardware buttons in windows phone. All the keyboard shortcuts which the Windows supports will be handy to have while developing apps.

Here are the keyboard shortcuts of Windows Phone.

 Windows phone shortcuts for typing
  • Alt + Spacebar: To insert a special character
  • Shift + Del: To delete the character to the right of the cursor
  • Alt + Del: To delete an entire line
  • Shift + Shift (press it twice): To activate caps-lock; press shift once more to exit
  • Alt + Trackball-Left: to move beginning of line
  • Now Alt + Trackball-Right: Move to end of line
  • Alt + Trackball-Up: Move to top of page
  • Alt + Trackball-Down: Move to bottom of page
  • Shift + Trackball-Left/Right: To highlight text for cutting or copying
  • Menu + X: To cut all texts on-screen.
  • Menu + C:To copy text to clipboard
  • Then Menu + V: To paste text from clipboard
  • Menu + A: To select all texts in the current field
Windows phone shortcuts for browsing
  • Menu + I: To zoom in
  • Menu + O: To zoom out
  • Then Menu + J: To go back a page
  • Menu + K: To go forward a page
  • Menu + R: To refresh current page
  • Then Menu + F: To find on page
  • Menu + B: To open bookmarks
  • Menu + S: To open social network sharing menu
  • Then Menu + H: To view browsing history
  • Menu + S: To open browser settings

Most Windows Phone has full shortcut buttons, but there are still a number of shortcuts to form typewriting easier and to combat common errors. This facility may be accustomed to produce common custom word shortcuts, by that people can type normally used terms in shorthand by Windows Phone.