Add Contacts in Blocklist/Whitelist Options

Revised 17 Dec 2018


There are several options available to add contacts/numbers in Blocklist or Whitelist.



O Open App Blocker Tab Blocklist Option Blocklist Tab > Add Button

O Open App Whitelist Tab Grid Menu > Add Option



Add contacts options:

O Call Logs From your phone recent calls logs list.


O Contacts From your phonebook contacts.


O SMS Logs From your sms logs.


O Series/Word Add series of numbers like starts with or ends with for blocking calls or sms messages. Add Word to block sms messages contains in text message.

Series Ex: 1800* for blocking all numbers starts with 1800

: *1800 for blocking all numbers end with 1800

Words Ex: win, offer, won, pay for blocking all sms containing these words.


O Manual You can enter number manually and add in blocklist .


O Unknown From list of unknown contacts from recent calls list.



Points and Features:

O You can add unlimited numbers in blocklist or whitelist, no Limit.


O Bulk addition is also provided.


O You can search the number or name and add, search option is provided.


O Add unlimited Series and Words with no limit. You can delete Series and Words from this screen only.


O Add button at bottom of screen shows the selected numbers count which will be added on blocklist or whitelist from which you came from.


O Cancel will cancel the selection and finish the screen.


O There is separate menus for each tab to sort the list as per Date, A-Z, Z-A and Unknown accordingly.





O Date Sort the list via date

O A-Z Sort the list in ascending order A-Z

O Z-A Sort the list in descending order Z-A

O Unknown Sort the list in Unknown numbers order


Steps to add contacts in Blocklist:

O Open App Blocker Tab Blocklist Option Add Button Select Any Option Choose numbers from any tab Tap Add Button -> Blocklist Ready Make sure Blocker Service from Slider should be ON/Enabled and Call Blocker Should be ON/Enabled from Blocker Tab.


Steps to add contacts in Whitelist:

O Open App Whitelist Tab Tap Top title bar Grid Menu Icon Select Add menu item Select Option from available options - Choose numbers from any tab Tap Add Button -> Whitelist Ready Make sure Whitelist Status should be ON/Enabled to work.



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