Auto Reply SMS Feature

Revised 17 Dec 2018


Auto Reply SMS is a great feature to send automatic text message to the caller or sms sender with pre populated text message. Please note career charges may apply as per your career network and plan. There is no independent facility to pre populated text message for each number you want to send.



O Open App Slider Settings Call -> Auto Reply SMS


O Open App Blocker Tab Grid Menu Call Block Setting ->Auto Reply SMS


O Open App Slider Settings SMS -> Auto Reply SMS


O Open App Blocker Tab Grid Menu SMS Block Setting ->Auto Reply SMS





Points and Features:

O Tap on Auto Reply SMS option/text to edit text message.

O To start working Auto Reply SMS you need to enable it by tapping on checkbox to check.


O It is working for blocked caller to send automatic reply and for sms as well.


O By using this feature you agree to the career charges if apply.


O This works only for to send response/text to the blocked calls or sms messages senders.


O This feature is by default locked, and can be unlocked by upgrading to Premium Package. We really hope for your support by this means.






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