Backup and Restore

Revised 26 September 2016


Backup and Restore option provides you all the Blocklist and settings data as it is. It is most important feature we added in the application. It protect all app data and settings efficiently. You can also share your data and settings via email.


O Open App Slider- Settings -> Premium Options.

Points and Features:

O Backup and restore are two different functions.


O Backup takes your blocklist and settings as a Restorable backup file.


O If you feel your app is not working properly and also you want to keep Data and setting as

It is than take backup of your all app data.


O Restore helps you to keep all the data and settings as it is.


O Restore option gets two options Restore Settings and Restore

Blocklist. You can see all your Settings and Blocklist data in it.


O After Clicking on RESTORE ABOVE SETTINNGS all your data and settings will automatically

be saved in current app.


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