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Revised 17 Dec 2018


Blocker Service is a heart of VBlocker app. It is a central control system switch which handles all the blocking related services and algorithm. If it is OFF then blocking will not work at all. This is central switch to cover all settings in one. If you need to switch OFF the blocking for some time then you can use this, by this you don’t need to remove all the contacts from blocklist and all.

It acts as foreground service as per Android Framework. Because of foreground it will show and consent to you that this service is running on your foreground and it is shown in Notification bar. The text VBlocker and Blocking is running… on the phone notification bar shows it is working. You can hide this notification and icon from notification bar by keeping the service running so blocking works in background and for this you need to refer Status Icon – Notification Bar App Icon page.



O   Open App – Slider –> Blocker Service


Points and Features:

O   All blocking switches like call blocker, sms blocker and spam blocker works on this Blocker Service Switch. It is a parent Switch for all blocking. So make sure it is ON from Slider.


O    If you enabled/checked Call Blocker, SMS Blocker or Spam Blocker switch and forget to Enable Blocker Service switch then there are no meaning in blocking and nothing will block.


O    Blocker Service is a Unique feature to VBlocker and very useful.


O    When it is ON, it might show you notification in bar which will not be concealable. But you can hide it from Status Icon – Notification Bar App Icon.           


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