Blocking Stats

Revised 17 Dec 2018


Blocking Stats shows you statistics about blocking VBlocker app is done for you and saved your life from fraud callers and scams. It shows call and sms blocked counts for you. In this way we got one chance to ask you about support and help us by Share and Support on Social network, How Happy are you with VBlocker app and Like us on Facebook and Google+.

Dear User, we really hope from you to support us and make the VBlocker app #1 in call and sms blocking in all concerns by just sharing the word about it on your social media account.

If you have issues with the or suggestions and you want to share it with us, we are always welcome you to address you on high priority for sure. Please send your Feedback here.


O Open App - Blocker Tab ->Blocking Stats

Points and Features:

O Get overall call and sms blocking stats in one place.


O If you happy with the app and its blocking then you can share app on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and on WhatsApp, etc.


O You can always send your suggestions and feedback for good.




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